Volunteer Program Going Ahead!

Great news all!

Life of Athan Pilot Study Update

Our vision to run a parallel volunteer program alongside the pilot for the oleocanthal injection is quickly becoming a reality.

We want to have a five country collaboration between research institutes to gather data in each country but collate it through the World Olive Center for Heath in Athens, under the direction of Dr. Eleni Melliou.

The first to respond is Harvard Medical School and we have scheduled a strategy meeting in August to set our parameters. It will be a 12 – 18 month controlled study where men with prostate issues pre and post cancer diagnosis will be given high phenolic olive oil to take on a daily basis. Their progress will then be monitored.

This is a huge breakthrough. We know men who are doing this now, but we need solid verified data so we can offer it as a viable nutritional support.

We are very excited about this.

Stay tuned, we will have some feedback soon as Athan prepares for the first injection of pure oleocanthal.

Thanks for your donations, thanks for your prayers, thanks for your encouragement, and thanks for continuing to share the link.

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To make this simpler, I have made a custom URL www.gofundme.com/LifeOfAthan.

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