Traditional Taramasalata of the village of Maronia

The extra virgin olive oil Ktima Themistokli that is produced from the olive variety of Maronia in Northern Greece, has a very intense fruity aroma and taste, with the bitter and spicy polyphenols in harmonious coexistence. Throughout the year and especially on Lent, the Taramasalata in the area of ​​Maronia is highly valued. The exceptional virgin olive oil that is produced in the area in large quantities is especially suited to use in this recipe.


150 gr red Tarama (cured fish roe).
4 (800 g) boiled potatoes.
1 medium ground onion.
2 cups extra virgin olive oil Themistoklis Estate.
2 set lemons.


  1. Wash the potatoes well and put them with the peel in a pot of water until it covers them well.
  2. Then boil it on low heat for about 35 minutes to boil, pierce them with a fork to see if they have boiled.
  3. When they have boiled, remove it from the water and leave it to cool.
  4. Then peel them and break them into small pieces with a fork and mash them in the mixer.
  5. Then add the tarama, the ground onion, the lemon juice and all our other ingredients.
  6. Beat them in the mixer until they are homogenous.
  7. Finally we continue to beat and adding little by little our olive oil until a creamy texture is created.
    Throughout the beating we try and if we want a more intense taste of Taramosalata we add a little more Tarama dissolved in lemon juice

We thank the family of Konstantinos Roussos for the wonderful recipe and the amazing olive oil they produce.




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