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leap to freedom

Athan at 62 revives dance after 38 years in his leap of faith into an better answer for cancer.

Hello everyone, it’s Athan here, and thank you for subscribing, donating and sharing the news about my new passion to find a cure for prostate cancer “my answer to cancer” that does not involve chemical or surgical castration. It is unacceptable this treatment has been the only one available for the last 70 years. Time for a change.

Many friends, colleagues, doctors (see article on “The Good Doctor” for more details) and strangers have sent me messages or talked to me in vivid detail about the dire consequences of metastasis and the burden this will be on my family and friends.

What about the whole truth?

Why is it the doctors never speak to me with the same detail and passion about the negative side effects of prostate removal, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and chemical or surgical castration?

Meanwhile nobody seems to care about the burden imposed on men afflicted with prostate cancer who are forced or manipulated or convinced into making a hasty decision between their manhood and life. As if the treatments they propose are without risk.

How about the burden on our health system on the continued use of what any reasonable person would call “barbaric” therapy like chemical or surgical castration? The costs of dealing with the side effects are staggering. Research has been lagging due to the age of men suffering with prostate cancer. It has been a common belief that most men die with prostate cancer and not because of it.

This is no longer the case. Men are getting prostate cancer at a younger age even at age 40 and men live longer lives, well into their 80s. More and more men are dying of prostate cancer.

Here are the facts: Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men in the United States. It is estimated that 31,620 deaths from this disease will occur this year. However, the death rate has dropped by more than half from 1993 to 2016. A man’s individual survival depends on the type of prostate cancer and the stage of the disease. There are almost 3 million survivors of prostate cancer in the United States today. https://www.cancer.net/cancer-types/prostate-cancer/statistics

Most of the 3 million survivors are castrated. There are more eunuchs in America today than in China when becoming a eunuch (being castrated as a child) guaranteed you a position in government for life.

Here for a reason:

When I first arrived in Greece after an absence of 40 years in 2012 and saw the dire and desperate conditions of the independent olive growers in Greece I was moved to contribute. I was outraged to realize that modern Greek olive oil companies could not market their olive oil more successfully.

Then I discovered the research of Dr Prokopios Magiatis and Dr Eleni Melliou at the Univ. of Athens. They had developed the H1 NMR method of accurately and quickly measuring each phenolic compound in olive oil. What they discovered was that oleocanthal was the most prolific phenolic compound in over 90% Greek olive oil.


Dr Prokopios Magiatis and Dr Eleni Melliou accepting 1st prize for Aristoleo test Kit invention.

Oleocanthal is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. This explained the ancient Hellenic recipes for treatments and cures using early harvest olive oil for inflammatory diseases and conditions. I immediately grasped the potential of this development to uplift the Greek olive oil and make it the most sought-after olive oil in the world. No longer would they have to sell it to the Italians in bulk and at rock bottom prices.

Because of my overactive participation in the comment sections of articles dealing with the Greek olive oil industry, I was asked to submit articles to oliveoiltimes.com regarding the Greek olive oil business in a time of economic crisis. I wrote most of my articles that got published about he work of Magiatis and Melliou. I had no doubt from the first time I met them and saw the range of the capabilities not only in olive oil but many other natural products that one day they would earn Nobel Prize for their outstanding work.

What does impossible mean?

Everyone told me it was impossible, the olive oil industry was so corrupt, and I had no power, some even suggested my life would be in danger if I kept disturbing the status quo in Greece and elsewhere. Guess what? After 6 years of struggle and sacrifice look where Greek olive oil is today: It is the number one researched olive oil in the world with multiple clinical trials indicating that high oleocanthal olive oil may even have therapeutic effect on Alzheimers, Leukemia, heart disease, skin cancers, breast cancer, improve athletic performance and shorten recovery times. prices for Greek high phenolic EVOO have reached as must as €179 per 500ml.

High phenolic Wild olive oil €179 per 500ml (for sale in Athens)

Science proving ancient wisdom:

None of this could have been possible without the development of the H1 NMR method by the Magiatis/Melliou and their team of researchers at the Univ of Athens, or without the publicity my articles created globally on the potential therapeutic effects of oleocanthal rich high phenolic olive oil. And its direct connection to ancient Hellenic medicine. Greek olive growers were once again inspired to educate themselves and throw caution to the wind and invest their last remaining savings into reviving their abandoned olive groves.

Our ancestors were the greatest marketers of olive oil in the world. They dominated the olive oil trade for hundreds of years. They placed an olive wreath on the victorious Olympians. What better marketing is there? Olive oil marketing: Yes, we invented that too!

Now have re-invented olive oil by using modern science to confirm ancient wisdom.

What is the meaning of success?

This is my new campaign to revolutionize medicine and I dare anyone to say I will not be successful. Success is assured. However, my survival is not. My time is running out. I may not live to see the day natural substances such as oleocanthal become the main treatments for prostate cancer and many other cancers and conditions, but I would have contributed to their development.

What more can I ask for?


People like me deserve more time to transform this mess we have inherited. We need people that can inspire change in people to get more involved in creating solutions instead of perpetuating problems for short term personal gain.

If you want to change the state of medicine today this is your chance.
If you want to support wisdom instead of ignorance this is your opportunity.
If you want to stand up for your rights this is your moment.
If you want to send a message to “good doctors” contribute today to this pilot study.
If you wish to contribute, share this email or post it or talk about it with those who can move it forward or if you are able make a donation and be part of history.

The World Olive Center for Health established in Athens by Magiatis and Melliou has contributed 600mg of pure oleocanthal for this pilot study. The actual value today of 600 mg? Let’s do some math, it sells for:

5mg for $1800 USD

= $360 per milligram.

$360 X 600 milligrams

= $216,000 USD

= $311,054.04 CDN

Sharing is caring and caring makes the difference:

Please share and contribute if you can. We need to match and surpass the value of pure oleocanthal in contributions. Time is running out not only for me but for the millions of men who have no other choice than chemical or surgical castration today.

I have made my choice. The negative side effects of the chemical or surgical castration and removal of the prostate coupled with radiation therapy, or chemotherapy, are not worth gaining another 3-5 years of life. This is my choice. What is yours?


PS the cost of oleocanthal will drop dramatically once it is proven to be an effective treatment. I estimate the cost will drop to below $1000 USD per 1000 milligrams. This will make it affordable to everyone. Not only that, but it will reduce the burden and the cost to our healthcare system.


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