Categories: High Phenolic EVOO

by athan


Categories: High Phenolic EVOO

by athan



The Rapid Cultural Evolution in Greece is Quietly Conquering the World of Olive OIl

Following a 9 year venture into ways to improve the olive oil business in Greece, the first end-to-end solution for controlling the quality of high phenolic EVOO from production to final sale has been completed.

In 2012 Greek olive growers were being forced to sell their early harvest EVOO at rock bottom prices, based on the extremely low acidity levels. Little did they know at that time the increased value of high concentrations of polyphenols found in early harvest Greek olive oil. The prices for sale of olive oil in bulk has not changed since 2012; they are still selling it off at the rock bottom prices of €2.5 and 3.5 per liter! Conversely the prices for early harvest high phenolic EVOO have soared to as much as €155 per 250ml. The reason? The enhanced health benefits and healing capacity of the polyphenols these olive oils contain.

This is a prime example of the modern Greek tragedy. High phenolic compounds in early harvest olive oil are being recognized to be the mythical “medicinal” olive oil Hippocrates and Dioscourides described as having healing properties for a long list of diseases and conditions. The Greek government not only yawned but they actively attempted to suppress the implementation of the EU 432/2012 health claim labelling regulation. Here is a list of link to articles from that period.

In Greece the EU 432/2012 health claim labelling regulation captured the imagination of the olive growers who saw the practical application of th ehealth claim as a big boost for their early harvest olive oil. The olive oil barons in Greece actively dissuaded and aggressively attacked the taste characteristics of high phenolic EVOO and then it spread to other med region olive oil producing countries.

They attempted in vain to compare it to sipping wine. Unbalanced, claimed one organoleptic judge, too bitter and peppery exclaimed another, it contains an unidentifiable defect opined someone else.

They even tried to create an additional taste attribute for quality EVOO: harmony. Despite the fact that olive oil is not sipped like wine these leaders of the olive oil industry never let facts get in the way of them selling lower quality olive oil to the masses.

It was left up to a few passionate outsiders to step into the gap between myth and reality.

“In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is King”

These outsiders inside and outside of Greece, read the actual research studies instead of listening to the talking heads and the rumors.

The research was led by a couple of research scientists Dr. Prokopios Magiatis and Dr. Eleni Melliou and their dedicated research team at the Univ of Athens. First they developed a method to accurately measure each and every phenolic compound oi olive oil using the qNMR (Quantitative Nuclear Magnetic Resonance technology).

They conducted initial clinical trials with human volunteers suffering from the onset of Alzheimers, and others with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) the results stunned the doctors. They simply added 40-45 grams of specific concentrations high phenolic EVOO to their diet.

The only intervention was for the volunteers to cease consuming any other olive oil for the duration of the trial. The therapeutic effect of the consumption olive oil polyphenols was also measured in blood samples in relation to blood platelet reactivity.

Anecdotal evidence is also mounting for benefits for autistic children, lowering blood sugar and pressure, people suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy, breast cancer with polyphenols in conjunction with chemotherapy, the list is growing by the day.

In the following video Athan interviews Dr. Magiatis to discuss the results of the clinical trials using high phenolic EVOO. 

All these individuals from differing backgrounds and knowledge came together by circumstance, and a willingness to sacrifice and a willingness to change. A powerful force for rapid change and evolution of Greek olive oil culture was born. Such a force not seen for thousands of years. They have in a short 9 years transformed the Greek olive oil business into a better reflection of the rapid evolution of its ancient culture and science.

World Olive Center Olympia Health and Nutrition Awards

World Olive Center Olympia Health and Nutrition Awards

This is what high phenolic EVOO represents and supports. The Greek Cultural Evolution based on the olive tree has been completed. It is done.

From here on it will either slowly degrade into another version of its previous self and fall into the temptation for quick profit led by greed, or rise even higher and step into uncharted territory.

Here is the first step into uncharted territory. Introducing:


Laconiko OLIO NUOVO is the first certifed high phenolic EVOO in the USA. Available for purchase at:

Aristoleo Cooler and Aristoleo Data-Locked Protocol

Aristoleo Cooler and the Data-Locked Protocol designed to track & trace, analyze, certify and distribute High Phenolic EVOOs. The Aristoleo Cooler distinguishes the high phenolic EVOOs from the rest by giving them their own home. It provides a constant temperature of 12-15°C or 55-60°F ensuring the integrity of the its valuable polyphenols. High phenolic EVOO is closer to a juice than a seed oil and it needs refrigeration between 12-15°C. This is cool enough to protect the polyphenols but not too cool as to cause coagulation or thickening of the EVOO.

Aristoleo Cooler locations:

Athens Greece

Prevezana is the first certified high phenolic EVOO in Greece.

Prevezana available for purchase at:
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Laconiko showroom in Manassas Virginia  

The first certified high phenolic EVOO in USA Purchase online here: Laconiko OLIO NUOVO 


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