The “good” Doctor

Few people understand why I initiated this Pilot Study for finding better treatments for prostate cancer. Not being understood is something I have gotten used to.

The reason I have decided to do this is because the traditional therapy for prostate cancer is unbearable to me. I tried and I did not like it. It took away my testosterone it took away my identity. This “therapy” which is more accurately known as chemical castration should have been banned many years ago. The name of the chemical castration injection? FIRMAGON. Who said pharmaceutical marketing departments have no sense of humor!

Better treatments are coming soon

The reason better treatments have not been found is simple: men who get prostate cancer are older they do not need testosterone anyway it naturally declines with age so what’s the problem? These days men stay active way beyond their 70s and they are demanding better treatments.

Research in more humane and effective therapies has been neglected for decades. Only in the last 10 years or so the problem has become more obvious and research has begun to discover less invasive methods of therapy than chemical castration. But there are many decades before an alternative can be found based on their timetable.

Chemical castration is not a therapy

The diagnosis after a biopsy was 7.5 on the Gleason score and I was told it was aggressive and needed immediate treatment. I reluctantly agreed to monthly injections of anti androgen (firmagon). After the second injection the effect became more prominent. My muscles hurt, I was losing strength, I felt like I was in someone else’s body. Libido went down to zero. No feeling whatsoever. This was not my body it was foreign to me. To continue treatment would mean I would be permanently chemically castrated. I decided to stop this barbaric treatment after 2 injections. Now after 6 months my testosterone levels are now above normal. I feel myself again. But time is running out.

The good doctor steps in

I do not accept this barbaric chemical castration “therapy”. It is my choice. It is my will and now it is my passion to find other ways to combat this deadly disease. There are enough misunderstandings, lies, and deliberate misinformation in the world. One doctor who heard about what I was doing called me and I sent him my biopsy results. His response? He told me that metastasis has already happened guaranteed!

What makes this doctor think he can diagnose me over the phone in such a definitive way? The biopsy did not show metastasis and he is not even an urologist; he is a gynecologist. I feel sorry for his patients. He was a Greek doctor. This is how low this doctor has fallen. If they cannot take away your manhood then they will try to break your spirit. They are butchers not doctors. I am very aware the cancer may metastasize at any moment. This is the reason I chose to accept 2 anti androgen injections 7 months ago. Once I felt the effect of testosterone removal, I decided this so called “therapy” is worse than the disease. All my friends and associates do not understand why I would not just do what the doctors say.

To live or die

I have always made my own decisions and I was always told it was impossible. I persevered and succeeded against all odds in everything I touched. Now perhaps this is the one time I will not succeed. But I would rather fail than win with these rules in place. If win means I accept chemical castration and lose means I die, then dying attempting to find better treatments is my definition of success. Passively accepting this barbaric treatment is the epitome of losing or failure. Failure of science, failure of the medical community, the business leaders who continue to pollute our rivers and lakes and oceans, polluting our water supply, our air, and our food with deadly chemicals at very low doses. This they call safe for human consumption? We may not know what causes prostate cancer but the cancer risks are in plain sight. Contaminated work sites, rivers and lakes, pesticides, insecticides, air pollution and processed food. Add some daily stress and lack of sleep, together with a bit of DNA damage and you got prostate cancer!

Risk management

I am willing to accept this risk and all its ramifications. No more misunderstandings. This is the reality. This “good” doctor should have his license revoked. He thinks he has a right to play mind games on people he does not know. This is what the medical profession is like these days. They want to play god and pass judgement quickly and without second thought. They have forgotten their Hippocratic oath in their self serving rush to judgement.

To metastasize or not to metastasize

I will get tested again to see if it has metastasized; I hope it has not so I can expose the “good” doctors’ ignorance and lack of professionalism. If he ends up being correct then he will continue to make these rush judgements to other patients who may not be able to resist. I look forward to calling him and telling him to go to hell – where he and other “doctors” like him belong.

I love life more than any other person I have ever met; at the same time, I am not afraid of death. Nobody gets off this planet alive and the sooner we all realize it the sooner we can make better decisions about our own lives and purpose.

Some doctors are in the wrong profession

I believe this doctor should stop practicing medicine; he is not good at it. He needs to find another way to express himself. I will help him find something better to do if he is willing. Perhaps he can become an interior decorator, or hairdresser where mistakes can easily be fixed. Hair grows back, furniture can be sent back. He belongs in a profession where mistakes are reversible.

Passion rising

This is my new passion to expose the medical profession and their barbaric cancer treatments and find better solutions for cancer patients.  For anyone thinking this is impossible you should look at my record and what I have done for the independent olive growers and producers of early harvest extra virgin olive oil.

Once I understood the impact of minor constituents in EVOO such as phenolic compounds on human health I dedicated my life to promoting this new category of high phenolic EVOO. Now clinical trials are confirming ancient wisdom as to the cancer killing power of these phenolic compounds. We have finally changed the way to determine the best olive oils. Not by taste alone but in conjunction with the scientific analysis by NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance). I have led the way in this struggle to bring transparency to the olive oil industry and take the focus off the subjectively tainted taste analysis and place it squarely on the health benefits of regular consumption of high phenolic EVOO. I brought together into a union of independent olive growers from Greece and Cyprus.

I am awaiting the go ahead for the first injection of pure oleocanthal. In the meantime I am consuming high phenolic EVOO 100gm per day, 12 high phenolic olives, taking 1.5+ grams of dried olive leaf, curcumin, vitamin E supplement,

The year before my diagnosis I had the idea to find a patient with prostate cancer and inject them with pure oleocanthal and see what happens. So, when I was diagnosed, I smiled; “I finally found a volunteer!” Nobody could understand my response at this tragic and life altering diagnosis.

Perhaps this video can help those who still do not understand.

Please donate to this pilot study. We need better options for prostate cancer treatments.