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Nicosia April 27-28 2018 At the Leventis auditorium at the University of Cyprus, 1 University Avenue, Aglantzia Nicosia 2109, Cyprus

Transparency has finally arrived for the olive oil industry. The Future of Olive Oil Conference is a celebration of a new category of EVOO that has emerged; high phenolic EVOO with a health claim EU 432/2012. For the first time in decades a new category of EVOO has emerged; high phenolic EVOO.

This year we are pleased and honored to announce guest speaker HRH Princess Basma bint Ali of Jordan in the Future of Olive Oil conference.  HRH will speak on the topic of the Environmental Stewardship of the Earth. HRH is an advocate of biodiversity conservation and sustainable agriculture.

HRH Princess Basma bint Ali video presentation at the “Beyond Organic Beyond Extra Virgin” conference May 5-6 2017.

The Future of Olive Oil is produced by Aristoleo Ltd. and Regional Development Agency Larnaca & Famagusta District; they are key partners in the ARISTOIL Interreg MED Project representing Cyprus. The 3-year ARISTOIL program goal is to reinforce the Mediterranean olive oil sector competitiveness through the development and application of innovative production and quality control methodologies in the lab and in the field leading to the production of extra virgin olive oil with enhanced health protecting properties (as recognized by EU 432/2012 regulation).

EU has led the way with the adoption of a health claim for polyphenols in EVOO after decades of research. This health claim has created a new category of olive oil – “High phenolic EVOO” This EU 432/2012 health claim requires a specific concentration of polyphenols in order to bear the claim:

“Olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress”

The health claim based on specific polyphenols and the development of the NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) method of measuring each phenolic compound in EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) has changed the olive oil industry forever.

This has spurred innovation to invent new handheld tools to safeguard and monitor the quality of this new category of high phenolic EVOO.

The European Regional Development is co financing the ARISTOIL Interreg MED Programme for a 3-year period in 5 countries (Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, Italy and Spain). Its goal is to assist the olive growers in identifying the best practices to produce from the soil to high phenolic olive oil. Thousands of olive groves are being monitored, the farmers educated, samples are constantly analyzed to discover the optimum, agronomic factors, time of harvest, olive mill settings for each variety of olive, storage conditions, bottling and distribution.

The Future of Olive Oil

The Future of Olive Oil

The Future of Olive Oil will present 3 new high tech handheld tools for monitoring the quality of this precious high phenolic EVOO:  Aristometro, AristoApp and The Predictor (a portable olive mill that can produce olive oil from a hand full of olives and pinpoint the best time of harvest to maximize phenolic content).


Independent olive growers together with scientists, innovative private companies, and with the support of their communities can guarantee transparency, eliminate fraud and ensure the highest quality of EVOO arrives safely to your dinner table or medicine cabinet.

The Predictor wins first Prize at the Olive Challenge in Athens

The Predictor wins first Prize at the Olive Challenge in Athens

Gathered will be scientists, olive growers, marketers and entrepreneurs to showcase to the olive oil industry stakeholders in Cyprus and around the world the new scientific developments and how they can achieve higher prices by producing higher phenolic olive oil and marketing and exporting it more effectively. The conference will be broadcast live on by ECOTV and on all major social media and will be archived on ECOTV, YouTube, and other video sharing sites.

Aristoleo™ Test Vial

Laboratory in a vial measuring the combined oleocanthal and oleacein in EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)

Aristoleo produces the “lab in a vial” test kit (first prize winner at Greece Innovates 2015) that identifies the phenolic content of extra virgin olive oil and acts as a marketing resource to connect producers of high phenolic olive oils with health-conscious consumers looking for natural sources of health protective foods.

THIRD ANNUAL Aristoleo Awards 2018 presentation for HIGH PHENOLIC EVOOS and OLIVES. In addition to the planned itinerary, there will be ample opportunity for Cyprus producers to share experiences with successful producers from Greece, Italy, Croatia and Spain in attendance.

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