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The Aristoleo vision, the Aristoleo Awards and Aristoleo trading are born out of the ancient Hellenic olive oil culture and their reverence for the health promoting qualities of the olive tree. They were the first to recognize the nutritional and many uses of the medicinal quality of early harvest olive oil. Before the domestication of the olive tree they revered the wild olive tree for its medicinal quality of olive oil it produced. The wreath made out of the wild olive tree variety Kotinos was given to the winning athletes at Olympia. This was the greatest olive oil marketing campaign ever.

They traded their early harvest extra virgin olive oil from domesticated and wild olive trees across the Mediterranean and beyond, to Egypt the middle east, north Africa, south Asia and the Baltic states. This is the precious cargo they braved rough seas and hardship to deliver to their eager customers while opening up trade routes and creating allegiances and establishing Hellenic colonies. They planted or grafted the local wild olive trees wherever they went to ensure an abundant local supply wherever they settled. They could not feed the growing demand by exports alone.

The Aristoleo Awards are designed to expand the awareness of the health benefits of early harvest EVOO to all the olive oil producing countries and regions. This is our modern way of encouraging the increased supply of this value added commodity.

It has taken us more than 2,500 years to understand why the ancient Hellenes insisted that medicinal quality of olive oil could only be produced from early harvested olives.

Health & Nutrition conference at the ancient city of Olympia 2016

“The health benefits of olive oil are 99 percent related to the presence of the phenolic compounds, not the oil itself,” says Nasir Malik, research plant physiologist at the U.S. Agriculture Department’s Agricultural Research Service. Phenolic compounds are found in greater concentrations in early harvest olive oil made from green olives. 

Discovered by Aristoleo® Test Kit and verified by the NMR method, this high phenolic olive oil is once again available from the place of its birth; the modern Hellenic Republic.

Innovation is flourishing here. New methods of measuring the health promoting phenolic compounds are being developed which has resulted in the discovery of many high phenolic olive tree varieties. But in the Hellenic Republic these varieties are almost exclusively high phenolic with the principal phenolic compound being oleocanthal. This powerful anti-inflammatory phenolic compound continues to astound as to its potential to not only treat symptoms but may have the potential to reverse and heal many modern diseases.

It is once again being proven the knowledge the ancient Hellenes had about the healing properties of early harvest olive oil far exceeded our own. It seems that we may be just catching up to their knowledge. Hopefully we will exceed it.

Like our ancestors before us we are leading the way and are eager to share our knowledge and open new markets for this extremely health promoting high phenolic olive oil. Armed with the Aristoleo® Test Kit we are ready to assist local communities and the olive oil industry internationally to discover and deliver this high phenolic olive oil to eager consumers seeking the truly best olive oils for their families’ health and wellbeing.

Athan Gadanidis

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Aristoleo ® Test Kit wins first prize

Aristoleo ® Test Kit wins first prize










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