Photo by Bram Naus on Unsplash

On this New Year’s Eve, while Athan and I are not geographically together, we reflect on 2019 and are united in our hearts’ deepest gratitude to our family, friends and friends of friends who have generously donated to this pilot study.

We look forward to 2020 as a year of success and fulfillment. We have achieved much already. Athan will collaborate with the doctor at the Toronto cancer clinic on a Case Study, which will lead to a full clinical trial.

Never before has anything quite like this been undertaken and we have this “window of opportunity” to change the course of men’s health forever, all because of Athan.

In the meantime, while we raise the necessary funds for the next phase, Athan has opted for two more anti-androgen injections to be safe. He sees another specialist in Toronto on January 8th.

For me, it has been a time of facing inevitable fears but continually returning to the trust that Athan and I are on this path for a very good reason. We have a purpose and we have a mission.

I do believe in a higher power and know that each one of us is a contributor to the evolution of nature on this planet. This is our part to play. The past seven years have led us here.

We are reaching beyond our circle of friends to find philanthropists who will grasp the vision and have the means to take this into the next significant phase of proof – hopefully starting in February.

The challenge is to do comprehensive DNA analysis as treatments progress. These DNA tests are very expensive but much more telling than the CT and bone scans and MRI that have left gaps in interpretation. It has been frustrating.

To succeed in this, more influential people need to know about the pilot study and what an amazing opportunity this is here and now with Athan bravely facing the unknown.

Athan continues to do research and has conferred throughout with doctors both allopathic and natural as well as oleocanthal researchers to assess the best protocol. This has been a deeply considered process and calls on a kind of courage that is rare. I don’t know any other who could take this on with quite the same determination and objectivity that Athan has shown.

In a long distance conversation with Athan the other day, I mentioned that, notwithstanding present circumstances, he seems happier than I have known him to be for many years. His response was surprising but clear.

“I am living the dream. I am doing something important with my life.”

We are all part of the change we want to see in the world.

Happy New Year! Blessings on a most healthful and happy 2020.

With love,