Aristoleo Dr. El Sayed prostate cancer oleocanthal

“Oleocanthal is a cost-effective lead with its ample and sustained plant supply and readily scalable purification methodology. OC can potentially be developed as a nutraceutical for the use in mCRPC patients and survivors without the need for FDA approval. 

Oleocanthal in vivo activity was associated with reducing the main PC biochemical recurrence marker PSA, validating its potential as an mCRPC recurrence suppressor. 

EVOO secoiridoids represented by Oleocanthal (OC) are a novel lead scaffold class that can be optimized to create clinically useful and active in vivo SMYD2 inhibitors for application to prevent or suppress the mCRPC recurrence and extend the disease-free survival of Prostate Cancer survivors. 

Oleocanthal (OC) is a novel SMYD2 modulatory nutraceutical appropriate for near-future clinical application to control mCRPC.”

High Phenolic EVOOs at their best and freshest

High Phenolic EVOOs are a traditional medicine of the MED region.

Laconiko High Oleocanthal EVOO

Certified High Oleocanthal Olive oil is now available in the USA.



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