UPDATE June 16 2021: With the restrictions and the economic hardship most people faced in the last year and a half, we were not able to continue raising funds. The spread of COVID-19 has done unimaginable damage to our civilization as a whole. Its effect will change our societies forever. From the way we work, to the way we communciate and even the way we gather.

We are shutting down the fundraising efforts for now. This last year was a year of survival. Too many disappointments business wise forced me to embrace what I despise the most; ADT injections. I have been on intermittent ADT injections (one every 4 months on average) in conjunction with daily consumption of high phenolic olive oil and a vegetarian diet with restricted specific amino acids (glycine and lysine) as a more humane way of slowing down the progression of prostate cancer.

We accomplished a great deal over the last two years with your help. Unfortunately due to lack of funds for timely expensive private testing we were not able to confirm a measurable effect on the progression of prostate cancer. At best we have some more anecdotal evidence, and we have opened the way to further studies using injectable phenolic compounds. We were not able to achieve the goal of starting a pilot study due to lack of funds and regulatory constraints. The fact we could not issue tax receipts was also a major impediment. Money donated via gofundme does not qualify for tax exemption.

But we do have initial evidence that simply adding high phenolic EVOO may be a good idea.

We raised enough funds to pay for the injections of phenolic compounds intravenously on an experimental basis in a regulated private cancer clinic in Canada. We had some interesting results which will eventually be published as a case study by the attending physician. In Canada there is provision that allows the experimental administration of legal substances provided it is done only for one person in a professional regulated setting and not made available for commercial purposes. Excuse the pun but this was a “one shot deal”.

I have received many messages from men and their family members asking where they can get this treatment. Unfortunately I had to inform them there was no scientific proof it helped me, and it will be a long time before this is made available on a commercial basis. This attempt to create a pilot study was my own way to deal with the hopelessness of my diagnosis. The prostate cancer metastasized at the moment of diagnosis or before. It was very aggressive and I delayed treatment. The road to chemical castration was not a valid treatment. At best it is an emergency measure to delay or immediately slow down the spread of the prostate cancer cells. Unfortunately this is the only treatment available for my diagnosis. It is called CAD (Complete Androgen Deprivation)… the cost to the government for this treatment is more than €8,000 a month. So easy to get funding for chemical castration. When I asked how much longer will I live with this treatment, the answer surprised me: 5 months. That is the benefit of complete testosterone deprivation 5 extra months. No thanks.

All I can report is my own experience. Being injected with phenolic compounds was a beautiful experience. It certainly relieved all the little aches and pains in my tendons and muscles. Whether it was effective or not I cannot confirm scientifically. Perhaps the feeling of relief I experienced after the IV infusions was only a placebo effect. It did not last long. I needed a catheter inserted a few weeks later. But that was because of another problem in the bladder that was causing a blockage unrelated to the prostate cancer. I wrote about this and how I dealt with it previously. Incontinence Begone

We did not manage to raise enough funds to do a pilot study. There are however many initial clinical studies conducted showing a lot of promise for daily consumption of high phenolic EVOO. The most exciting results were from the leukemia study. Women suffering the beginning stage of Acute Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia with white blood count rising, were given 40 grams of high oleocanthal EVOO. Their white blood cells began to decline after a couple of months and when they stopped the consumption of high phenolic EVOO, the white blood cell count began to rise again.

I wish I could report the same results with my situation. Prostate cancer is a disease that has been shunned by research scientists for too long. Things are now changing. Over the last decade progress has been made in finding humane treatments for prostate cancer.

In order to get past the year of the COVID, I have been combining intermittent ADT injections with high phenolic olive oil and a vegetarian diet. The diet and the high phenolic EVOO with Vitamin D, C, A, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium. This combination seems to be working for me to maintain my energy and I am even beginning to workout more regularly.

Currently up to 25 grams of Vitamin C, can be injected by IV infusions and direct injections of B-12, and host of other vitamins, minerals and natural substances. I believe in the near future phenolic compounds extracted directly from olive oil will also be commercially available. We have a long way to go before injections of phenolic compounds are available on a commercial level.

I will continue experimenting with diet, exercise and intermittent ADT and report back results on https://aristoleo.com/category/prostate_cancer_pilot_study/

After this update goes out we will be closing the fundraising efforts for now.

Thank you all for your donations they have helped more than you will ever know.

Love, all the best