Holding the Bar High

Our passion and commitment is fired by personal experience with the health benefits of High Phenolic EVOO, taken as a daily diet supplement.

We’ve witnessed miracles – including our own – and continue to see astonishing clinical and human studies to prove the efficacy of the phenolic compounds exclusive to specific polyphenol- rich extra virgin olive oil.

We also witness the misinformation that is running high on SEO scores. That’s why we keep our tribe of producers close and support them in their quest for excellence and quality year to year.

We LOVE our producers.

Aristoleo works with a small number of producers who share the values of transparency, authenticity, and excellence. 

Dancing at Aristoleo Awards 2022

Find the Phenolic EVOO that fits your health objectives.

Flavour and health benefits come in a variety of phenolic ranges and each has its own use in the kitchen or in our daily wellness regimen.

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