Categories: High Phenolic EVOO

by athan


Categories: High Phenolic EVOO

by athan


Handheld olive mill

March 16 2018

Aristoleo Ltd is proud to be a part of the ground breaking new invention that combines a hand held olive press, and the immediate analysis of the phenolic content using the Aristoleo® Test Kit (lab in a vial) and the Aristometro (portable spectrometer)

1st Prize for “Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2018” for Aristoil

OLIVE PREDICTOR is a tool for olive oil basic phenols measurement any time before the final harvest. This helps olive oil producers to find the most appropriate harvest period for the best health claim olive oil production. Mr Pr. Magiatis Research team keeps on designing useful and effective tools, reaching ARISTOIL objectives, such as ARISTOMETRO.

Arsitometro portable spectrometer by Aristoleo Ltd.

This device succeeds digital reading of olive oil phenols measurement and is the first that was designed through the Aristoil project. The second one, OLIVE PREDICTOR gained the first prize of competition “INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP 2018” in olive oil sector.
Project Coordinator, Mr Nikos Krimnianiotis feels very satisfied with the project evolution. “One year since Aristoil project has started and Mr Magiatis Research activity has gone very far, designing the OLIVE PREDICTOR. I wish them, Mr Magiatis, Mrs Melliou and all the team, to continue this way and offer even more useful tools in favor of olive oil producers.

Photo from the award

• Prokopis Magiatis, Professor of Pharmaceutical Department of UoA (Research team coordinator)
• Dr. Eleni Melliou, Dr. Christos Papanikolaou, Panagiotis Dimantakos, Iliana Kalampoki, Triada Giannara, Aimilia Rigakou, Annia Tsolakou, Katerina Papakonstantinou (UoA)
• Dr. Giorgos Stavropoulos (National Centre of Scientific Research “Demokritos”)
• Athan Gadanidis (ARISTOLEO LTD, Aristoil partner)
• Dr.Nikos Krimnianiotis (INTERREG MED ARISTOIL Coordinator)

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