It seems that almost every day there is more proof as to the wide variety of health benefits of high oleocanthal olive oil.

New research reveals that Daily Use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with High Oleocanthal Concentration Reduced Body Weight, Waist Circumference, Alanine Transaminase, Inflammatory Cytokines and Hepatic Steatosis in Subjects with the Metabolic Syndrome.

To our knowledge, this is the first study investigating the effects of EVOO supplementation with a high concentration of OC in subjects with MetS and hepatic steatosis, a category of patients at high risk for developing future cardiometabolic events. Our findings suggest that such olive oil supplementation has multiple beneficial effects on anthropometric and biochemical parameters, including inflammatory cytokines and FLI as well as abdominal fat distribution. Further studies may provide a better understanding of mechanisms underlying the effects of OC on inflammation and, consequently, potential therapeutic approaches for the prevention and/or reduction in overall cardio-metabolic risk in such a high-risk population of MetS patients.



“Διαδικτυακό Συνέδριο για το Ελαιόλαδο”

To διοργάνωσε το Τμήμα Διαιτολογίας – Διατροφολογίας και Βιοϊατρικής του Εκπαιδευτικού Ομίλου New York College, με συμμετοχή του Προέδρου του Παραρτήματος Υγείας και Αγροτικών Τροφίμων του Παρατηρητηρίου Οξειδωτικού Στρες, και άλλων επιφανών Ελλήνων ομιλητών:

Νικος Κατσαρος, Δρ Προκόπιος Μαγιάτης, Απόστολος Κυριτσακης, Δρ. Θεόδωρος Βαρζάκας, Γιώργος Σειραγάκης, Γιώργος Οικονόμου, Δημητρης Μπουράντας, Δρ. Νίκος Κρημνανιώτης, Κων. Σ. Χαρτζουλάκης, Κωνσταντίνος Καλαχάνης, Δημήτρης Μανιατάκης




Athan Gadanidis of Aristoleo Ltd will be presenting the Aristoleo marketing plan for high phenolic EVOO on November 10 2020 

The Business Forum will be held on-line in the framework of the Circle the Med Hybrid Forum 2020. More specifically, it will be held on Tuesday, 10th of November 2020, at 14:00-16:00 (EET) after the dedicated session on Green Growth (at 11:00–13:00 EET) powered also by our Community in which policy makers and key stakeholders will present the future of Green Growth in MED and Europe. This session will shape the general GG framework to further support the exchange of best practices and expertise in the Business Forum.

Register here: 



NEWS FIRST May 11 2020

Επιτελους! Τα ARISTOLEO AWARDS 2020 επανήλθαν!
Λόγω των περιορισμών κίνησης που προκλήθηκαν από το COVID 19 και την κακή διοίκηση της καθε κυβέρνησης του κοσμου, αναγκάσαμε να αναβάλουμε την ανάλυση και την παρουσίαση των βραβείων Aristoleo 2020.
Θα πραγματοποιήσουμε μια ζωντανη διαδικτυακή παρουσίαση των βραβείων Aristoleo 2020. Τα βραβεια θα σταλουν ταχυδρομικα.
Οσοι δεν εχουν στειλη τα δειγματα μπορειτε τωρα να τα στειλετε στο εργαστηριο του Μαγιατη. Η ανάλυση των υποβληθέντων δειγμάτων μπορεί τώρα να ολοκληρωθει. Θα ανακοινώσουμε την ημερομηνία της τελετής παρουσίασης του βραβείου μόλις ληφθούν και αναλυθούν όλα τα δείγματα. Σας ευχαριστούμε για την υπομονή σας. Σγμερα είναι πιο σαφές από ποτέ ότι ένας υγιής πληθυσμός χρειάζεται ένα ισχυρό ανοσοποιητικό σύστημα. Οι εξαιρετικά θρεπτικές τροφές βοηθούν στην αποκατάσταση της ισορροπίας του ανθρωπινου οργανσιμου και στην ανακούφιση ορισμένων αρνητικων περιβαλλοντικών πιέσεων που προκαλούνται.
Εγω ειμαι εγκλωβισμενος ακομη στην Κυπρο. Ελπιζω συντομα να επιστρεψω στην Ελλαδα.
Οσοι δεν εχουν στειλη τα δειγματα μπορειτε τωρα να τα στειλετε τώρα στο εργαστηριο του Μαγιατη.
Σας ευχαριστω γαι την υπομονη σας,
με εκτιμηση
Αθαν Γκαδανιδης

NEWS FIRST May 9 2020

Press release: It was on March 11 when I returned to Cyprus when the WHO declared the Covid 19 virus a pandemic. The world has changed since then in ways that we will not become aware for some time. This two month lockdown has brought added hardship to the hard hit olive oil sector. First came the overproduction of Spain which caused prices to tank. At the same time, the fruit fly and weather changes lowered production in other countries such as Greece, Italy, Croatia, and Cyprus.

Under these conditions we had to postpone the ARISTOLEO AWARDS 2020.

GOOD NEWS is the ARISTOLEO AWARDS 2020 will be rescheduled as soon as we have completed the analysis of the samples. The Univ. of Athens is open again. All producers that have signed up already please zsend the olive oils sample immediately. Others who wish to take part, now is your last chance to do so.

All samples must be sent this week so we can analyze them and then schedule an online presentation ceremony. The trophies will be sent by courier to each participant.

If you have any questions or require more info please contact us:

Tel: 357 97645011 Cyprus


Here is a very powerful presentation on the health benefits of high phenolic EVOO. The world is becoming more aware of the research into the potential “medicinal” value of early harvest olive oil stemming from specific varieties of olive trees as suggested by ancient doctors such as Hippocrates and Dioscourides.

NEWS FIRST March 12 2020

Even the lower priced Greek olive oils are getting noticed. Greek olive oils have upped their marketing game since the EU health claim for polyphenols was approved in 2012. Greek high phenolic olive oils were discovered to be the healthiest olive oils in the world, due to their naturally high phenolic concentrations. Phenolic compounds are the micro nutrients that are primarily responsible for the health benefits derived for EVOO. They have led the world into a new era of research and innovation. They have been leading with the highest quality of olive oils for health and welbeing since 2012 based on scientific proof of quality. Now the rest of the lower priced Greek olive oils are getting noticed for their taste as well.

NEWS FIRST March 4 2020

The news about the health benefits of regular consumption of olive oil even for frying is increasing. But there is on thing you need to know. Not all reporting is accurate. Extra virgin olive oil is not the highest quality of olive oil anymore.

As you probably know from my writing and my obsession with early harvest extra virgin olive oil; “high phenolic extra virgin olive oil” or “high phenolic EVOO” or “hi-phen EVOO”.

EFKRATO Organic and sustainable moving towards regenerative and permaculture in Crete.


However you call it, this is the highest quality of EVOO. It is scientifically determined and guaranteed quality. The fact that is dawning on the olive oil industry is the monounsaturated fat is not the main health component in olive oil.

“The health benefits of olive oil are 99 percent related to the presence of the phenolic compounds, not the oil itself,” said Nasir Malik, research plant physiologist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s Agricultural Research Service.


The EU 432/2012 health claim labeling regulation for polyphenols in olive oil came into effect in 2012. Greece grabbed the opportunity to take the leadership role in olive oil once again after being dormant for 2000 years. Under successive brutal regimes over the last 2000 years Greeks are emerging stronger than ever In the midst of the worst economic crisis since the WWII.

Athan in the belly of the olive tree

Athan in the belly of the olive tree


It was the Greek scientists who made the big breakthrough working under deplorable conditions and crumbling infrastructure. There was a lack of funding and bitter rivalries by colleagues interfering at every step. Dr. Prokopios Magiatis and Dr. Eleni Melliou and their team of researchers at the Univ of Athens developed a fast and accurate method to measure the concentration of each phenolic compound using the 1H NMR method (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance). Now the doors swung wide open and with very little funding they began the lab experiments, in vitro and in vivo in human clinical trials. Now they had the means to separate the olive oils based on the phenolic profile. They tested a variety of combinations of phenolic compounds because of the synergistic effect they needed to find the most effective combination of phenolic compounds for each intervention.

El Sayed KA, Univ of Louisiana, George Dafnis, The Governor, Amal Kaddoumi, Auburn Univ. Spyros Dafnis, The Governor and Andrea Paola Rojas


This is was a major shift in the world of oil. The olive oil industry yawned and some became even aggressive against the health claim… they… listen to this: they claimed that the health claim would destroy the olive oil. Yes! It would destroy the corrupt olive oil business which is hell bent on delivering the lowest quality of olive oil for the lowest possible cost in order to compete with the seed oils like canola and corn. They even label it as extra virgin olive oil. This is what was already destroying the olive oil industry’s most important sector the “olive oil culture”. Small independent olive growers could not compete with these lower priced extra virgin olive oils of dubious quality. The scandals of adulteration and fraud continue to appear on the world news alerts on a daily basis.


Along comes the EU health claim for polyphenols 432/2012. It gave the independent olive growers a lifeline. This was especially important for Greece where they need to achieve higher prices and be able to penetrate the saturated market in a very short time with a higher priced product. The news of the positive initial results and the thousands of testimonials by clients suddenly made the early harvest high phenolic EVOO demand skyrocket. The olive growers are still trying to catch up to fill the demand. Even though high phenolic EVOO is priced very high due to the small quantity produced, harvesting the olives earlier and earlier in the year gives less olive oil; sometimes as much as 85% less when harvested in August or early September as compared to late harvest which begins at the end of November like everyone else. Very rare to achieve high phenolic EVOO year after year.

Eurobank 1st prize for Aristoleo invention

Dr Prokopios Magiatis and Dr Eleni Melliou Eurobank 1st prize for Aristoleo invention


The ones who have achieved it are reaping the rewards of knowing they have a purpose and a mission to revive and promote this ancient Hellenic category of olive oil that Hippocrates and Dioscurides made famous: “medicinal quality olive oil can only be made from early harvest green olives from specific varieties.” They also spoke about the significance of the varieties of olive trees; not all olive trees produce high phenolic olive oil no matter how early you harvest the olives. But Greece by coincidence or ancient design, over 90% of its olive trees are capable of producing high phenolic EVOO on a regular basis. But we have to make a radical change in the way we manage the olive grove. The most effective and successful methods so far has been traditional, organic, regenerative agriculture or permaculture methods.

Hippocrates and Dioscurides figured this out over 2000 years ago. Now we have achieved the impossible verifying ancient wisdom using modern scientific tools. NMR and Oil does it get any more high tech – high touch than that?

This page will update on a daily basis so you get the news when you need it the most. NOW 🙂

Time to clean up the land, the water and the air. Olive oil production can be used more effectively to battle changing climate conditions that are wreaking havoc on industrialized mega farms. Depleting the soil over saturating it with chemical fertilizers and insecticides in a never ending increase of chemicals dumped on our increasingly unfertile earth.

Dan Flynn UC Davis, with Dimitri Mourlas of Hypereleon

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