Matala Valley Village Oil of Vitality – the Olive Grove

Pictured is our father and the founder of the olive grove, an ex-officer in the commercial Greek navy he traveled for many years working as a head mechanic on the ships of Aristoteles Onassis. When he retired he invested in the olive grove and built the hotel complex in Matala the place of his origin. Today he is over 90 years old and still very active in the harvest with his sons and grandsons.


Matala Valley Village

In very close proximity from the valley of Matala is the olive grove of the Fasoulaki family and a small hotel business. The family combines traditional Cretan hospitality and olive oil.

For more then 30 years we are developing besides the Hotel also an independent olive grove for our family and the hotel guests.

Recently we completed the transition to organic cultivation and now we look forward to transitioning into a regenerative agriculture model.

The Aristoleo Awards gave us the opportunity to contribute to the Greek olive oil brand for being high phenolic with enhanced health protective properties.


For this reason we use only natural solutions and methods of cultivation. We would like to leave the earth in better shape than we found it. Our reward is not derived from the quantity but from the quality we produce of this live food olive oil product – a gift from nature.

We also produce oranges, honey, prickly pears, wine, and our own raki. We produce small but sufficient quantities for our needs.

Prickly pears grown at the Matala Valley Village

Matala Valley Village olive grove in Crete

Our aim now is to produce higher phenolic olive oil using regenerative olive grove management methods. Nature has developed a balance of use and reuse of resources and we need to simply observe, learn and make small adjustments to suit the land, weather and the needs of the plants or trees. From the micro-organisms in the soil to the ants, to the birds flying high above they all have a role to play in maintaining a perfect balance so we can enjoy natures gifts for many years to come  – naturally.


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