Here is the new member of the Aristoleo family in her own words!

My name is Patricia and I am very motivated to promote high phenolic olive oil to the world, as I have a very personal experience that inspires me to communicate the potential health benefits of high phenolic olive oil.


I lost one sister in 2002 to Ovarian cancer, thus when my other younger sister was diagnosed in January 2017 with Stage 3c Ovarian cancer, together with spots on the bowel and in the stomach apron, I was determined to do everything I could to help her recover. She began a juice and organic diet, used only filtered alkaline water, cut out all sugar, dairy products, white flour, red meat and began taking 45 grams of high oleocanthal olive oil a day, in the morning on an empty stomach. I used The Governor brand from Kerkyra / Corfu – containing at least 500mg of oleocanthal per liter. Have a look at our new AGORA Marketplace to choose from an ever expanding list of high phenolic EVOOs.

She was told by her doctor to stop the consumption of high phenolic olive oil 10 days before her surgery (oleocanthal is known to thin the blood much like ibuprofen). After the surgery her hair grew back faster than expected and it was strawberry blond just like when she was a baby.


I am happy to report the surgery was successful and she has made a full recovery, September she was declared all clear. She is now happily continuing to consume 45 grams of high phenolic olive oil a day, together with her juicing, organic diet and Alkaline water.

Oleocanthal rich EVOO

I am certain the oleocanthal rich EVOO contributed to her recovery as part of a diet and lifestyle change. An increasing number of studies suggest that high phenolic olive oil may provide more health benefits than we ever imagined.

Ancient Hellenic wisdom is slowly being confirmed by modern science. Our new mantra?

Every body needs high phenolic olive oil.

I intend to make sure everyone has access to the highest quality available both to support medical treatment and for prevention. A healthy body is the very best defense against illness. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

This is the reason I am passionate about being a member of the Aristoleo family.

Here is a small sample of scientific research on high phenolic olive oil. They are in English for now, but it will be translated in the near future so that the Greek olive growers that literally redefined olive oil have access to the latest medical research. see Disclamer below

Warm regards,



Oleocanthal Inhibits Proliferation and MIP-1α Expression in Human Multiple Myeloma Cells

Olive oil nutrient found to HALT brain cancer cells in their tracks

Olive Oil: Health Benefits, Nutritional Information


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