High Phenolic EVOO has reached the tipping point!

Max Lugavere and Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan and guest Max Lugavere on Podcast #1870

When one of it’s most researched  phenolic compounds, oleocanthal, hits JRE – the Joe Rogan Experience, people are listening and will want to know more. Can it really help as much as ibuprofen? What is it? Where to get it” And how to trust what you are getting.

Truth be told, I’d never watched the Joe Rogan podcast before, but of course I was interested when I saw the snippet on a tweet by some guy I’d never heard of – see the power of social media? I did some sleuthing and found out the guest speaker was Max Lugavere, author of “Genius Foods”.  I tracked down the episode and listened to the whole, nearly 3 hour, discussion. It was far ranging and terrifically informative.

Anyway, I wrote a post about it on our Medium ezine Beyond Organic, Beyond Extra Virgin where I answer some of the questions that those interested in quality High Phenolic EVOO might have. You can catch my article here “The Oleocanthal Cat is out of the Bag!”

After all, we have devoted more than ten years to the research and testing of High Phenolic EVOO – a distinct category of EVOO defined in 2012 by the EU Health Claim 432-2012. We also host the Annual International Aristoleo Awards  now in its 8th year. It is the only competition exclusive to High Phenolic EVOO and Table Olives.

It’s all about the science – entries are awarded on phenolic content as measured by qNMR or LC-MS/MS as well as organoleptic analysis for defects.

The harvest has begun. Aristoleo Awards are presented monthly as entries are submitted. Winners will be listed in our new directory … coming soon!