“It always seems impossible until it’s done” Nelson Mandela

“So … do you inject olive oil into the prostate?”

No! No! No!

A few people have asked this and I realize that while we think we may have described this Pilot Study for Prostate Cancer in simple terms, we have missed the most important aspects, so I want to clarify.

Oleocanthal is a phenolic compound extracted from early harvest olive oil. This is made from green olives and was described, in ancient texts, as “medicinal” by Hippocrates and Dioscorides. We have come to call this olive oil “high phenolic” because it has high levels of polyphenols, or more accurately phenolic compounds which have health protective properties.

There are some 33 phenolic compounds in olive oil. Some of these are found in other polyphenol rich foods like green tea, berries and wine.

Oleocanthal is one phenolic compound that is only found in olive oil. It has extraordinary anti-inflammatory properties and has been likened to ibuprofen only without the side effects. It is also beginning to show properties beyond this in enhancing the effect of pharmaceuticals and has been referred to as a “medical food”. https://medium.com/beyond-organic-beyond-extra-virgin/oleocanthal-rich-evoo-a-medical-food-83bcb2a5e262

Athan came to Greece in 2012 and interviewed Dr. Prokopios Magiatis at the University of Athens, little knowing that this relationship would lead to the friendship, loyalty, research and support that may indeed save his life.

Over the past number of years the research into the healing properties of oleocanthal-rich olive oil have been studied in Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, diabetes and leukemia. In most of the research it is The Governor olive oil from Corfu that has been provided by the Dafnis Family. They continue to support Athan.

What is this prostate treatment really about?

This pilot study is to assess the effect of pure oleocanthal extracted from olive oil and purified for human injection as a treatment for prostate cancer.

The science that backs this experimental treatment for which Athan has volunteered includes:

  1. Pure oleocanthal kills cancer cells (of various strains including prostate) in a petri dish. The interesting part is that it kills the cancer cells within 30 minutes by dissolving the membrane between the cell at its waste sack – essentially poisoning itself.) All healthy cells go into a kind of hibernation and are restored within 24 hours. Link.
  2. Pure oleocanthal intra-tumoral injection has caused shrinkage in breast cancer tumors. Link.
  3. Intra-tumoral injections are proving effective for the treatment of prostate cancer with many various agents from herbs to acetic acid.

Athan has initiated this pilot based on his own research and objection to the radical treatment proposed to him by a number of doctors (8): removal of prostate, anti-androgen treatments, which is essentially chemical castration followed by radiation therapy. He would be impotent and potentially incontinent. It must be noted that this not a therapy or cure for cancer but a temporary prolongation of life and no guarantee that the cancer will not recur.

Reality Check:

Athan has been advised that his cancer is aggressive and may metastasize any moment. He opted for 2 anti-androgen injections as an emergency measure to buy him time to assess his options. He was taking concentrated oleocanthal rich olive oil during this time and had unprecedented response in PSA drop and prostate enlargement reduction. You can read details of this on GoFundMe Campaign page.

The physical effect of the anti-androgens lasted 5 months and PSA began to rise as his other sensations returned (muscle strength and libido for example).

Nothing Ventured. Nothing Gained.

Athan opted to place his faith in the current research in the efficacy of oleocanthal.

Athan has located an established private cancer clinic and is a willing volunteer to connect the dots already established in research.  The experimental applications include injection of oleocanthal solution around the prostate, into the prostate and intravenously.

Each application is assessed based on PSA, trans-rectal ultrasound (before and after) as well as MRI and CT scan.

The dose and frequency will be assessed and adjusted as required. The funds raised for this project – the goal of $500,000 will cover the experimental treatment for Athan and its analysis and then lead to a larger sampling of volunteers.  The ultimate objective is a full clinical trial that will cost millions.

Like one in seven men diagnosed with prostate cancer, Athan is juxtaposing his own mortality against the very personal decision about quality of life.

Athan has the courage of his convictions, backed by science and that is enough for him to at least try to find a more natural and humane treatment for prostate cancer.

It’s not oleocanthal injection alone.

This is not all Athan is doing. Illness is always the body’s call to assess lifestyle, attitudes and beliefs – the physical and emotional environment that allowed disease to take hold.

“I cannot heal with the same attitude that created this.”

Athan sporting an “occupy your body” shirt, gift from friend and author Philip Shepherd , “Radical Wholeness”

Athan has reassessed priorities and shifted perspective. He has taken measures to manage stress and has adjusted his diet to a more prostate supportive, anti cancer regimen. He takes supplements recommended by the doctor to support the immune system and combat cancer.

Sharing the journey.

Men tend not to talk about this because men are not always advised by their doctors in the most direct language about what traditional treatment really means and the actual potential ramifications.

None of the many doctors Athan consulted discussed diet, stress management, lifestyle change or supplements.

Athan is opening the shutters on this and will share his experience and adventure. Join him on Life of Athan Facebook and Instagram.

“It always seems impossible until its done”

What we learn from this one experiment, with more research to standardize the method could change the lives of thousands, sooner rather than later.

This is a critically important study and needs private funding to support it to the next level.

Please be generous and donate now!

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