Incontinence Begone!

I am sharing my experience so that others suffering the indignity of incontinence and exhaustion from lack of uninterrupted sleep might find relief.

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UPDATED OCT 25,2020 New video in article below. The symptoms of an enlarged prostate began in August 2018. I stopped being able to urinate and had a catheter inserted. Incontinence becomes one of the nasty and least talked about aspects for men with prostate issues. In October 2018 it was diagnosed as prostate cancer, but unbeknownst to me it had already metastasized tot he pelvis. I found out the real diagnosis a year later in Toronto. The story of how I was able to finally declare incontinence begone is further down this page. This is to give you some of the background story; you can skip down to the 5th paragraph if you can’t wait. 🙂

I instinctively rejected conventional therapy. Quality of life, even if it means a shorter one, is more valuable than prolonged suffering. There are no guarantees in life. Even the most aggressive treatments such as surgical or chemical castration, total CAD (Complete Androgen Deprivation) chemotherapy and radiation would not have guaranteed me a longer life. The only guarantee was prolonged suffering; physically, mentally, and spiritually. But there are circumstances when caught early there are more palatable options available for treatment.

IV DRIP Athan with Oleocanthal

Prostate Cancer Pilot Study

I attempted to create the first of its kind crowdfunded prostate cancer pilot study with me as solo volunteer to test the use of a phenolic compound extracted from olive oil and other ancient remedies. Oleocanthal is known to kill cancer cells in vitro and in mice and I was willing to put it to the human test. I had several injections both intratumoral and intravenous and planned to continue before COVID 19 halted all options for now. I did not manage to raise sufficient funding for a pilot study but I did manage to fund an experimental case study in Canada.

The only traditional therapy that I did accept as emergency medicine was 2 injections of ADT in Nov & Dec of 2018 to alleviate the symptoms and allow for the catheter (that was inserted for 4 months) to be removed. It worked. The catheter was removed but another problem surfaced a year later. The amazing thing was that while I had the catheter I was travelling, doing trade shows and public speaking and I would forget I even had it. I was consuming so much high oleocanthal olive oil like The Governor that it was an effective painkiller. I never used any painkillers or anti-inflammatory medicines.

ARISTOIL presentation in Cyprus

A year later it was discovered there was some damage to the bladder caused by the prolonged use of the catheter. None cancerous cells were growing in the bladder around the entrance to the urethra and was causing me to bleed whenever I tried running or working out. Blood clots would form and impede the urine flow. Eventually I would not be able to urinate. This happened repeatedly. I had another couple of late night trips to the emergency room for a catheter to be used to drain the bladder in November of 2019 in Toronto and again in Cyprus in Aptil in 2020.

I began the monthly ADT injections in November 2019 once again. In Canada it was a prerequisite to scheduling surgery to remove the excess prostate cells from the bladder and the urethra. I waited 4 months but had to cancel. I could not wait another month. I stopped the injections; I had to return to Cyprus to complete ARISTOIL, an EU Programme I had been working on for 3 years.

CBD to the Rescue!

However, the subject of this article is the unexpected but remarkable positive effect that taking a broad spectrum CBD oil had on a very serious condition that had me sleep deprived, exhausted and slated for potentially dangerous surgery.

CBD & High Phenolic EVOO

Through my work with high phenolic olive oil testing, research, and promotion, I continued to search for alternative treatments for prostate cancer, I was introduced to Vicky and Vagelis Prassas, founders of Philocanna CBD oils. Philocanna is a pioneering Greek company combining the highest phenolic olive oil with the highest quality of full spectrum (with THC) and broad spectrum (without THC) CBD. This is an unique product using innovative blending technology, developed by Dr. Prokopios Magiatis and his research team at the University of Athens, to combine CBD PCR (Phyto-Cannabinoid Rich) with high phenolic EVOO (extra virgin olive oil).

Philocanna is all natural and organic CBD produced by sustainable farming methods. The CBD is extracted using CO2 which preserves the broadest range of beneficial elements. The phenolic compounds in the olive oil have proven to open the body’s endocannabinoid system making the CBD more efficient.

What I love about this experience is that it was not planned.

When Prostate cells grow into the bladder

Sleepless in Toronto

I had been suffering with incontinence for a few months, mainly at night, and I would wake up every 30 minutes. The prostate cells had grown into the bladder and were obstructing the entrance to the urethra. Any kind of pressure from exercise or stress would cause them to bleed. I was scheduled for surgery to remove the prostate cells from the bladder but had to leave Canada before the scheduled operation due to unavoidable business commitments in Cyprus.

Miraculous Discovery

On March 10, when I was at the Toronto airport heading to Cyprus, something remarkable happened at the security gate. I had a 30 ml bottle high phenolic EVOO infused with 1000 mg of pure CBD EVOO on me when I was going through security.

Toronto Airport Security

Security Alert: CBD Not Allowed to Board the Flight With Me

The 30 ml bottle of Philiocanna GAIA was half full and originally contained 1000 mg of CBD. So, when the security officer told me I could not take it on the plane, I began to argue with him. I was suffering with cancer, this was my medicine, there is no detectable THC in it, but nothing worked. He was adamant that it is against the law. I was not going to be allowed to take it on the plane. I should have put it in my checked luggage. I was about to toss it in the garbage bin provided, when I suddenly had an idea of an alternative option! I could keep the CBD and not take it on the plane with me. I opened the cap and drank it all at once and handed the empty bottle to the secutiry guard.

Waking up on the plane

I had been taking 1 ml of GAIA (33 mg of CBD) before going to bed. It did not reduce the frequency of waking in the middle of the night – but it made going back to sleep easier. It took this experience fro me to understand it was all about the dosage.

How Bad Can It Be?

Cancer patients have been known to take more than 500 mg of CBD per day for months with no negative side effects apart from drowsiness. I was hoping to sleep on the plane, anyway, so I swallowed the contents. All done. “It was almost empty anyway!” I told the security officer as I handed him the bottle. He read the label carefully and then smiled, shook his head and let me through.

Slept Like a Baby

I had the most wonderful uninterrupted 7-hour sleep! I woke up refreshed and clear-headed without waking up every half hour to urinate; slept like a happy baby.

Stuck in Nicosia

Nicosia during the lockdown

I landed in Cyprus on March 11, 2020, the day the WHO declared the COVID 19 a pandemic. For the next three months, I was stuck in Nicosia. All my plans for experimental treatment in Alexandria came to an abrupt halt.

In Cyprus, I had no more access to GAIA and I continued to suffer from bleeding and lack of sleep. I would wake up every half hour. Twice, I ended up in the emergency room in Nicosia General Hospital because of blood in my urine and difficulty urinating stemming from a buildup of blood clots in the bladder. The specialist there suggested laser surgery to remove the prostate cells from the urethra and bladder. Luckily, flights were once again scheduled and I got on a plane to Greece. I wanted to continue with GAIA CBD and high phenolic olive oil to see how far it could go to alleviate the symptoms and perhaps even have some therapeutic effect.


Philocanna – Gold Aristoleo Award for Innovation

Back on the CBD

Once back in Greece, Philocanna sent me a supply of GAIA blend to continue the trial and I began experimenting. I took 7.5 ml GAIA per day. By the 4th night, the number of times I had to wake up to urinate declined from 10 to 2. I then began to lower the dose to discern the lowest amount that would give me the best result. I settled on 2-4 ml a day depending on how strenuous a day it was. Stress puts pressure on the bladder, which, in turn, irritates the exposed run-away prostate cells in the urethra and the bladder, causing massive irritation and bleeding. I found I could control the symptoms with Philocanna GAIA CBD without surgery. So far so good. I wake up once or twice a night and, even when engaging in some rigorous workouts, there has been no visible blood in the urine after the second week.

Research confirms the CBD/THC Positive Effect on Incontinence

I did did some research and found that THC in combination with CBD does work in certain cases of incontinence, but CBD on its own has never been tested. (see LINK below) I can now report, based on my personal experience, that using CBD infused in high phenolic EVOO was a resounding success in alleviating incontinence on its own without THC. I am now working out every day and even started running.


So Far So Good

I stopped the ADT injections in March of 2020; it is now October. My testosterone has returned and is climbing back to normal. Unfortunately, PSA is also climbing but very slowly so far; currently at 4.19, and testosterone 460 and climbing. My normal testosterone level was 786. I monitor the situation with monthly blood work. The ADT injections had a negative effect on thyroid, blood sugar and cholesterol; they are also returning to normal.

I was born in March 1957. Been a long time since I have felt so alive

What really impressed me about GAIA was that it was so effective so quickly for such a serious condition. This is not your ordinary bladder irritation leading to incontinence; this is a serious medical condition on which GAIA had such a life transforming effect. The only way I can describe it is: miraculous!

My doctor told me I should not do any intense exercise especially no jumping. I took it as a challenge to break the world record.  120 jumping jacks in 60 seconds.

Here is my first attempt on Oct. 25 2020:

DAY 1. I managed to do 75 in 52 seconds. Tomorrow is another day!

Here is my second attempt on Oct. 31 2020:

DAY 2 (one week later) I managed to do 94 in 52 seconds. 

Try it You May Like it

I am sharing my experience so that others suffering the indignity of urgent urination and exhaustion from lack of uninterrupted sleep may find some relief with an inexpensive, natural product with few side effects. Please read Disclaimer below.

In September I went off the GAIA CBD to see what would happen. The incontinence reappeared, frequent waking in the night and so did some bleeding. All symptoms stopped after 2 days of resuming 4 ml a day of GAIA.


This is not presented as medical advice. I am not a doctor nor do I pretend to be. It is my own personal experience and I am sharing for its informational value. If you have a medical condition you must consult your doctor before trying to copy what I did by taking CBD.


My experience is so life altering that I am now an agent for Philocanna!

To purchase or become a distributer for GAIA or other Philocanna products, please contact me:

Profits from our sale of Philocanna products go to the Prostate Cancer Pilot Study to help me continue with my experiments.

Thank you for reading

Sleep long and prosper,

Athan Gadanidis



Content in this article is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read in this article.