Regenerative, Sustainable olive grove management is now a global phenomenon. Aristoleo is α leader in the effort to EDUCATE the public, LOBBY the national agencies to support this vital resource for health and sustainable agriculture, PROMOTE the daily consumption of high phenolic EVOO as part of a health protective diet plan, exercise and sense of wellbeing. Aristoleo believes sustainable and regenerartive agricultural practices implemented in olive grove management is the key to a prosperous future for independent olive growers.

The Aristoleo conference at Cyprus University, Beyond Organic, Beyond Extra Virgin” on May 6-7 2017, at University of Cyprus was a great success. We are building a new model for the olive oil industry. The high phenolic EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) is setting the trend for sustainable growth and enhanced health benefits derived from phenolic compounds found in significant quantities only in high phenolic EVOO. All EVOOs were analyzed by the NMR (Nuclear magnetic Resonance) method developed by Dr. Magiatis and his team of researchers at the University of Athens. 

Many producers joined us from Greece and two from California to receive their awards. Attendees engaged in lively exchange with the speakers, which is always a sure sign that the topics are enlightening and informative. The highlight was the video presentation of first prize, by HRH Princess Basma Bint Ali of Jordan of the Aristoleo Double Gold to Atsas Organic Farm, Cyprus. Their devotion to regenerative agriculutre, agroecology and sustainable practices have produced a record setting high phenolic olive oil. High Phenolic EVOO is now a gobal phenomenon.

HRH Princess Basma Bint Ali of Jordan

You can watch the talks here as we upload them to our new Aristoleo YouTube Channel. Be sure to subscribe and get notification when new videos go up.

We celebrate that is #1 in Google searches for High Phenolic Olive Oil. We do this by being active in online and social media. We plan to keep that position by continuing to promote the health benefits of high phenolic extra virgin olive oil and the many producers, like you, who are making the changes that are changing the Greek olive oil industry. We celebrate you too!

This month we created the Beyond Organic, Beyond Extra Virgin ezine on the Medium platform. This is a collection of articles written by Marilyn and myself on Huffington Post and Olive Oil Times as well as new posts. Our focus is on High Phenolic Olive Oil for Health, Vitality & Longevity. We will include latest research, stories, featured brands and recipes using High Phenolic EVOO. Please click through and <3 our magazine. If there is a topic you would like us to write about – just send me an email.

As the #1 Resource for High Phenolic EVOO, we have inquiries from both distributors and individuals wanting to know where to buy this premium oil. We already work with some of you, but we can be more effective.

To meet this growing activity and to get ready for the harvest season we are:

  • Redesigning the website
  • Updating the catalog
  • Creating an online store – with distribution in N. America and Europe
  • Launching, online retail store locator
  • Introducing seminars on the business of High Phenolic EVOO

For information on any of these programs and how you can participate, send me an email or call +30 694-728-7828.

ARISTOIL Interreg MED Program

Aristoleo Ltd. is a key partner in this EU funded 3-year, 5-country study into High Phenolic Olive Oil, this year we will be increasing our activity with producers who want to participate in this amazing opportunity.

One of the key goals of ARISTOIL is to verify the NMR method in a ring test and present the findings to the IOC (International Olive Council) so it can become an official method of measuring phenolic content.

Dr. Magiatis shares the review of this program in his talk at Beyond Organic, Beyond Extra Virgin Conference in Cyprus. Greek language only at this time.

As you know Aristoleo activities over the past three years have focussed on promoting High Phenolic EVOO to the health conscious public, fine food distributors and suppliers to the health and nutrition market – your buyers. We have lobbied the government, challenged the bureaucracy that still hasn’t approved the EU Health Labelling Regulation, promoted the Aristoleo Awards and now with the success of our first conference we look forward to increasing our influence and outreach.

How can we help you?

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Do you want to introduce your brand to the European and/or North American market in a simple non-exclusive way? Ask us about Aristoleo Online Store.

Do you love what Aristoleo is doing and want to be part of this movement in High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a way that gets your brand or business out there alongside our brand as we grow? Ask us about Aristoleo Sponsorship.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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