Categories: High Phenolic EVOO

by athan


Categories: High Phenolic EVOO

by athan


Berkeley Olive grove

For the Love of Olive Oil

I had the good fortune to meet Darro and Olivia when I visited their olive grove back in 2014. They produce a consistently superb high phenolic EVOO. “Consistently” is the key word when you look for high phenolic EVOOs. When it comes to high phenolic EVOOs cosistency is everything. I wrote a article that was published in at the time. It could have a better title: For the love of olive oil.

To produce a high phenolic EVOO you need to have a perfect combination of all apects of production that effect the phenolic concentrations. This is so important because high phenolic EVOO is a new category of olive oil created when the EU 432/2012 labelling regulation for a helath claim based on the phenolic content of an olive oil. The regualtion demands the lowest level to be at 250 mg per kg. Since 2012 many olive oils have been discovered to contain 5 and 6 times that amount and even more.

Berkeley Olive Grove is not only organically certified but is also employing regenerative agriculture methods. This has a very positive effect on the phenolic content and perhaps the consistency year after year. It is a remarkable achievement when you take in consideration the variability of weather and temperature at different times of the growing and flowering cycle.

In 1900, an olive oil from Oroville, California received the Grand Gold Medal at the Paris Exposition.

Professors at the Agricultural Experimental Station at Berkeley, published several pamphlets on olive culture and olive oil manufacture in California between 1900 and 1904.

In 1913, several Berkeley professors began investment on their own behalf in the heart of Butte County. By 1917, there were some fifteen professors involved and they formed the Berkeley Olive Association.

Later, the Oroville Mercury Register newspaper reported that the area had the largest ripe olive and olive oil capacity in the western hemisphere and the Berkeley Olive Grove had the largest planting of Mission olives in the world.

Berkeley Olive Grove 1913 is a historic olive orchard and eligible for state and national historic registries as the “Berkeley Olive Association District.”

The Mission variety produces the one olive oil that is exclusive to the New World. Butte County became recognized as the perfect “California Mediterranean.”

With a current platform of organic sustainable practices, enhanced with advancing science and proprietary technology, our quest today is to ever improve quality, efficiency, diversity, and healthfulness.

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