Jan 6 2020

First of all, I would like to thank all of you who take the time to read my story, pass it on, share it and even contribute to the pilot study. I am very grateful for the support. Regardless of the fact we have not raised enough to fully document the results of this pilot study, I do not have the time to wait. So I continue seeking research partners with funding and funding from private individuals. This is the hardest to do because companies and even private citizens do not like to donate money when there is no tax deduction involved. This is why I am especially grateful to those who donated and to those who have yet to donate 🙂 I am also working on finishing my book about ancient Hellenic consciousness. I will be making more videos to explain and describe the consciousness that created the basis for our civilization using my own life experiences as examples. I wish you all a Happier, Healthier & Super Productive 2020 and beyond.

It’s been over a year now since I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer. I was planning to write a lot more about my experience, and yet I have not written as much as I intended. I watched others make videos explaining every day what they did to try to beat prostate cancer and their results. I went on a search for new treatments and found a variety of therapies some of which were strange but some people swore by them. From extreme fasting and drinking your own urine, to taking animal anti worm medicine, to keto diet, to vegan, juicing, detox, and a whole lot more.

The internet is filled with success stories presented as easily achieved if you just buy the book or the course or the diet plan… The sheer magnitude of the alternative therapies available is astounding. Cancer is big business; but not just for big pharma. There is a growing number of people claiming miracle cures with potions and lotions. This is a symptom of the sub-standard level of medicine practiced today by the modern medical establishment.

People are trusting alternative therapies increasingly more than the traditional forms. This despite the fact that choosing alternative medicine results in a great deal more out of pocket costs more suffering stemming from not using pain medications. Alternative therapies are not covered by health insurance plans. Yet people of all income brackets line up for alternative treatments.

Health is more important than money. But what I am discovering is a deeper motivation for heading to alternative medicine. The human touch. Alternative therapists spend more time with the patient to assess their physical and mental aspects of their “dis-ease”. This is one of the secrets of alternative medicine the healing power of human interaction and amount of personal time spent with a doctor who cares.

I have seen many doctors, traditional urologists, radiologists, oncologists, and I can say with confidence that doctors in Greece and Cyprus spend more time with their patients than in Canada where 5 minutes with each patient is the norm in my experience.

I have a deep suspicion of medical diagnosis. I acquired it at a very young age when I was misdiagnosed as having polio and almost left paralyzed.

I kept feeling they were not telling me the whole story. They kept trying to convince me to stay on the ADT injections and warned me the prostate cancer can metastasize at any moment. I had a feeling it was much worse than they would admit. Despite the fear of it being a lot worse I chose to stop the ADT injections after the second one in Dec 2018. After a year of visiting one doctor after another in 3 countries, Greece, Cyprus and Canada, I finally found my answer. The prostate cancer had already metastasized before Nov 2018 less than a month after the first biopsy. This is when I realized that it is not a diagnosis at all. Its statistics! They cannot say definitively whether it has metastasized they can only say they suspect it has… what kind of diagnosis is that? I am supposed to accept a mere suspicion as the basis for making a “treatment” decision such as chemical castration?

The radiologist that conducted the first bone scan did not have the catheter removed and the metastasis was harder to detect clearly visible at the time (the spots on the pelvis that were diagnosed a year later as metastatic cancer were visible in the original bone scan). It was against the norm to have a catheter in while having a bone scan. The reason is because the radioactive liquid they give you is quickly excreted into the catheter. The result is unclear, but despite this I had looked at the images so long that I had memorized every single shadow… so when I looked at the second bone scan I had done in Toronto in August 2019 without the catheter, it reminded me of the first bone scan. I asked the doctor if those points of light on the image was the cancer he said yes it was. I immediately recognized the pattern and told him they were there last year. He did not want to discuss it or look at the image from the previous year. I asked him why, and he said it’s not his specialty to compare images from bone scans. He said what does it matter? Its metastasized. So what’s there to do now? “Nothing you just wait for the pain to start and then we give you pain medications and chemotherapy and radiation therapy. But we cannot give you any of that if you refuse to have monthly ADT injections.” So unless I accept ADT injections they deny me medical treatment. I said no to ADT injections and looked for additional diagnosis by other doctors.

I was stunned.

I went back to the initial radiologist in Greece that gave me the all clear on the metastasis and explained to her what happened, but she still claimed she did not see any metastasis. But if they saw it in Canada with a more advanced version of the bone scan then she accepts it but it is not what she sees. All the subsequent doctors simply read her report. The surgeon was preparing me for removing the prostate still thinking metastasis had not occurred. Nobody looked at the images they only looked at the report.

These are some of the reasons I have not written much because I am not the type of person to keep a journal and record events as they happen. I find it incomplete. I need time to digest, experience, consider, how can a write about fleeting emotions or half-baked thoughts as they happen? I was fully immersed in reading hundreds of research papers looking for solutions.

My first response to finding out it had metastasized was very unusual even for me. “Cool now I can experiment freely without worrying if and when it will metastasize.” The biggest obstacle to this pilot study is that it is not recognized officially as a pilot study. More like an experiment. This is why I do not have a dedicated team of doctors. This is the reason we are raising funds to access more timely MRIs and other on demand blood work and analysis and maintain and develop strict diet protocol; I continually improvise and research, looking for synergistic combinations of foods (high phenolic EVOO, organic vegetarian, juicing, barley, fruit, real Greek yogurt and berries) supplements and phenolic compounds and other antioxidants such as oleocanthal, oleacein, maslinic acid, oleanolic acid, d tocopherol e sucanate, Vitamin C injections, Vitamin D 3(10,000IU) Curcumin in capsules, MCP (Modified Citrus Pectin).

My New Year’s resolution for 2020 is to write on a regular basis about my experience in dealing with this life threatening disease. The big news that came from this pilot study about oleocanthal will have to wait until it is published in a medical journal. It may not be the answer to cancer for me but it may open the doors wide to more research that could lead to a re-examination of these phenolic compounds found in the olive fruit of Greek varieties and the olive oil if it’s produced from very early harvest green olives. I will also be including what supplements I am taking in addition to the high phenolic EVOO and the oleocanthal injections. These are over the counter supplements that I use and have found them to be helpful in keeping my energy up and supporting the immune system.

Wishing all of you a happy and healthy 2020.

All the best,

Athan Gadanidis

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