Excerpt from the dance “Resilience” performed on May 13 2019 on Aigina Island, Greece

The Future of Medicine is Almost Here

First of all, I must apologize for not reporting on my progress more frequently. Events are unfolding so rapidly I find it difficult to find the time to sit back and write about it. But I promise I will try harder to keep you all up to date on a more regular basis.

This is an experimental treatment.

What we discovered already will be published as a case study and in medical journals. In fact, history has been made and your financial support has made it possible. This is the first time a human volunteer has been injected with oleocanthal directly into the prostate, and the first I.V. infusion. Unfortunately, I cannot share with you the details about the results because it needs to be properly presented in a peer reviewed journal and perhaps even patented. I have always believed the curative powers of natural substances can be the most effective medicines if only enough resources were dedicated to developing them.

The door has been now opened to discover such new treatments. It is not a coincidence that Hippocrates had over 60 medicines primarily using early harvest olive oil made from green olives. It is not coincidence that over 95% of olive tree varieties in Greece contain oleocanthal as the highest concentration of individual phenolic compounds. How they knew this and planted these specific varieties may never be known but the reason is being discovered and verified once again by modern science.

As for me, although great strides have been made, I had to cease I.V. injections due to lack of funds on Sept 27, and return to Greece for a conference on olive oil and to take care of my business which had been suffering with my absence.

I had a urine test for bacterial infection that causes prostatitis and discovered I had a bacterial infection that is very common with prostate cancer. Very difficult to treat and controversial because this specific bacteria (urea plasma) is not recognized by the medical community as significant. But when you stop being able to urinate and have go to emergency to get a catheter put in at 4 o’clock in the morning, the debate over its significance is settled.

After being 4 weeks on antibiotics the catheter was removed on October 28. What a relief. The fact is the normal urine test to detect infection was negative. It took a (very costly) DNA test to confirm the presence of the urea plasma bacteria. You have no idea how difficult it is to navigate international travel with a bag of urine strapped to your thigh, then go into an intense 3-day conference with very little sleep. I am not complaining I could have chosen the easy way through surgery, anti-testosterone therapy, radiation and even chemo…

It was time now to return to Greece after spending three and a half months in Toronto reassessing the progression of the prostate cancer and receiving treatments of my own design.

This was timed with my return to Greece for the ARISTOIL Interreg MED conference in Kalamata.

My doctor at the private cancer clinic in Toronto recommended I visit an innovative company in Greece. RGCC or the “Greece Test” is a new analytical method developed by Greek scientists to identify the cancer cells in the blood and then identify which therapy or drug is most effective in eradicating them. Yet in Greece it is not well known. https://www.rgcc-group.com
Here is a sample of the test report you receive.

While in Greece I will be having this test to identify the bio phenols that are the most effective in causing cancer cell apoptosis or cell death. Ideally it may help determine the proper dose to achieve a therapeutic effect in humans. The next step will be to return to Canada to continue the I.V. Infusions. Ideally we will have more insight into the proper dose in order to receive the therapeutic effect I am seeking.

I just had a CT Scan and will have a Bone scan next week to gauge the progression of the metastasis. I will make the next decision when I receive the results.

I would not go through this very public and, at times, very painful process if there was not a higher purpose to all this. I did not go into this process with the idea to simply heal myself. What gave me the courage and the energy to pursuit a new form of treatment, is the idea that if successful, it would help so many more people than just myself. Based on what we already discovered I feel completely vindicated in my decisions to pursue this alternative methods of treatment.

At the end of the day this is all that matters.

I wish to thank all those who take the time to follow my journey and even donate what they can to this effort. Your trust in me has not been in vain. I wish I could say more. But I have to respect the scientists that have worked so diligently on advising me despite the fact they do not agree with the pilot study because of the risks to my health. But as I continuously remind everyone one: “you are not dealing with a healthy individual whose health may be adversely affected. I have metastatic prostate cancer. I am throwing out the rule book. And going into uncharted territory. You can either help me make fewer mistakes or pray I get lucky!” The odds are against me, but history is on my side.

Thankfully some of them are helping me despite that it pains them to do so. I am deeply grateful for this support. Anyone that knows me well knows that I am fiercely independent and have always made my own decisions.

The reason I have been traveling to Greece more frequently since 2012, was to write a book. But I discovered the research of the husband and wife team of Dr. Prokopios Magiatis and Dr. Eleni Melliou in the midst of writing of the health benefits of ancient Hellenic diet. I was focusing on the Athenian diet because it was chosen for its health benefits.

Athenians had a wider exposure to foreign foods and customs of food preparation. They were also rich and they could afford any food they desired. The ingredients they preferred were those most common but well chosen for their nutritional benefit. How they knew which foods were more nutritious? Not only did they choose the highest nutritional food ingredients, but they also planted the olive trees that produced olive oil with the highest concentrations of oleocanthal. We are finally beginning to reveal the secrets of oleocanthal rich olive oil.

Thanks for your continued interest and support.

All the best
With love & gratitude