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Data-Lok Certification for High Phenolic Olive Oils

Aristoleo Data-Lok certification was created following the completion of the 3year 5 country EU funded ARISTOIL Interreg MED Study of high phenolic olive oil (2016-2020). Aristoleo was given the task of creating a marketing plan to guarantee the quality and expand global awareness of the distinct category of high polyphenol olive oil. This new category is identified by the EU Health Claim Labelling Regulation 432-2012 for polyphenols.

Despite the resistance from some circles of the olive oil industry who do not welcome real transparency the task has been completed.

To this end, Aristoleo continues to advocate on behalf of high phenolic EVOO producers to have the health claim accepted and the most transparent method of measuring phenolic compounds verified and accepted. Aristoleo continues to promote information of the increased human volunteer clinical studies and methods of analysis. The clinical and human research continues to identify additional health benefits of polyphenols when naturally found in early harvest olive oil. Consumption on a daily basis as part of a well-balanced diet and exercise program has some immediate measurable positive effect on human health.

The Aristoleo-DataLok Certification and the Aristoleo Coolers are in direct response to the need identified by the ARISTOIL study to safeguard this new category of olive oil. Polyphenols are very sensitive to oxygen, light and heat they need to be protected. We have developed the  best practices for the production and preservation of the health protective polyphenols in the olive oil for the benefit of olive growers and to ensure end users get the premium health promoting product they expect.

One of the most critical aspects is temperature control all along the production chain including shipping and warehousing, and indeed, once in the home. As this transparency is adopted by more producers and demanded by consumers, there will be an increase in certified high phenolic EVOO brands from many countries available globally.

Aristoleo looks forward to increasing the number of certified high phenolic brands on the market, but in the meantime can only endorse the brands that follow the ARISTOIL protocol and recommendations.

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