Certification for High Phenolic Olive Oil

Setting standards for accountability and to protect the olive oil buyer.

As a key partner in the EU funded 3-year, 5-country ARISTOIL Interreg MED program, Aristoleo has had the opportunity to share views on the marketing and promotion of high phenolic olive oil. We know from you, our followers that you are seeking out olive oils for specific health challenges and are looking for olive oils that you can trust.

In late May the 10 partners from 5 countries in the ARISTOIL Interreg MED Program, met in Split Croatia. This is a 3-year, 5-country study of high phenolic olive oil best practices in harvesting, production, storage, transportation and distribution. It is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and each partner and their sponsors. It was announced that the ARISTOIL program is among the 8 finalists for first prize for best program out of 40 programs eligible, which will be awarded in October in Brussels.

What does this mean to North American high phenolic olive oil buyers?

One of the key lessons that came out of the study is the care that must be taken to preserve the integrity of the phenolic content at every stage of production right through to certifying the mode of transportation (in hot weather), temperature controlled distribution centers as well as retail warehouse storage facilities and shelf placement (under the lights).

Heat and light are the major contributors to the degradation of any olive oil, but especially impacts on the levels of polyphenol content. Once at home and opened, air is the next enemy of olive oil. We have shared how to take care of your high phenolic olive oil when you get it home, here.

This is a very important undertaking, with EU support and compliance of nearly 3000 members. We will ensure that when you pay a premium for a high phenolic olive oil, especially when using it for its health benefits, you will be able to check out the QR code on the bottle and be assured of the phenolic compound profile, chemical analysis, olive variety, size and type of operation and compliance for certification.

It is the mission of the ARISTOIL Interreg MED Program is to study, set standards to assist producers to optimize the quality of high phenolic olive oil through testing, education and support. It is also aims to support the public in a providing information relevant to the buyers protection.

It will be Aristoleo’s privilege to manage the designated sales and marketing portal where you will find brands and can link through to retail or online stores nearest to you. We will keep you updated on this as it unfolds through our newsletter. Please subscribe if you haven’t already.