Aristoleo™ Test Kit identifies the healthiest olive oils in the world.

Athens, Greece August 26, 2015 – The Aristoleo™ Test Kit is a new Greek invention for measuring significant health promoting phenolic compounds in olive oil: oleocanthal and oleacein. Aristoleo™ Test kit is a hand held ‘lab in a vial’ that quickly measures the healthfulness of olive oil. High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (HPOO) is the new category based not only on organoleptic characteristics, but more importantly on scientific testing and proven health claims.

“Aristoleo™ Test Kit helps to discover the best olive varieties in order to produce the highest quality phenolic olive oils. We are providing an opportunity to reconsider the value and the use of this superior nutritional food” said Marilyn Harding Director of Artemis Alliance Inc.

“We tested the Aristoleo™ prototype last year in our olive mill and I also use it to demonstrate the superiority of our olive oil to our customers,” said Spyros Dafnis, owner of award winning The Governor brand. “Corfu up until two years ago had a reputation for producing below average olive oil. Today, thanks to Aristoleo™ Test Kit and Magiatis – Melliou research, Corfu Island is now producing one of the highest phenolic olive oils in the world.”

Aristoleo™ offers a significant competitive advantage for industry participants throughout the olive oil industry: olive growers, olive mills, branding companies, sales networks as well as the scientific community. It is a simple and precise method that can be used by all professionals to test the real health value of their olive oil.

“It’s a great tool that we use routinely for in house evaluation of high quality olive oil. Inexpensive, quick and reliable” commented Kostas Peimanidis of Agrovim the largest olive oil producer and exporter in Kalamata, Greece.

Consumers will now be able to easily identify the healthiest olive oil brands worldwide that are certified regarding high phenolic compounds. Oleocanthal’s anti-inflammatory and Oleacein’s anti-oxidant properties are being studied for the prevention and/or treatment of a variety of ailments. Global scientific research continues to confirm the health benefits of regular consumption of high phenolic extra virgin olive oil.

Aristoleo™ Test Kit is based on the Magiatis-Melliou method and is verified by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance at the University of Athens. Artemis Alliance Inc. is a Canadian company that is focused on holistic lifestyle, research and innovation.

Aristoleo™ is intended for professional use only and will be available for sale in the EU (European Union) on September 22, 2015.

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