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Aristoleo™ Test Kit

Dr. Eleni Melliou, Dr. Prokopios Magiatis, Dr. Fernández Albadalejo, Dr. Jose Amérigo, Dir. Livia Oliva, in front of the International Olive Oil Council building in Madrid

Greek Scientists Reach Out to the IOC

The Greek olive sector of research and innovation can no longer rely on their government in the midst of economic and political crisis to lead or take initiative to support or protect their interests.

Aristoleo kit

Aristoleo test kit for olive oil

The Aristoleo™ test kit

This is one of the reasons why Dr. Prokopios Magiatis and Dr. Eleni Melliou travelled to Madrid Spain recently to make their case directly to the IOC (International Olive Council) for the acceptance of the NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) and their new invention of a laboratory in a vial called Aristoleo Test kit.

Dr. Melliou and Dr. Magiatis Aristoleo™ demo

Dr. Melliou and Dr. Magiatis Aristoleo™ demo

This extraordinary meeting took place with a backdrop of an intense political drama and economic crisis in Greece. Representatives of from OIS (Oleocanthal International Society) and SAO (Societado Anadaluza Del Oleocanthal). Melliou, Magiatis and Dr. Jose Amérigo, met with representatives from the IOC (International Olive Council); Dr. Mercedes Fernández Albadalejo, Chief Division of Olive Chemistry Division and Standardization and Mrs. Livia Oliva, Director of the Department of Elaboration and Document Publication,

Amerigo as founder of SAO and OIS organized this meeting to present their core objectives of the two organizations to the IOC regarding the health benefits of EVOO rich in oleocanthal; “we affirmed OIS focus on promoting the health benefits of a daily intake of Oleocanthal rich EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)”. He also updated the IOC about the activities of SAO: “we are working on programs to incorporate Family Doctors and other professionals as “prescribers” in order to promote the recommendation of a daily intake of 40ml of EVOO rich in oleocanthal as disease prevention tool in conjunction with the Mediterranean diet plan. We promote the wider acceptance among the Cooking Schools and to the chefs around the world to use EVOO that is rich in oleocanthal for daily cooking instead of using other oils or animal fats that have been shown to have negative impact on human health”.

Magiatis and Melliou took the opportunity to inquire about the IOC process of reviewing new methods of analysis: “We asked for IOC to review our new NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) analytical method that accurately measures individual phenolic compounds in EVOO. We also presented our new invention, the portable in the field Aristoleo  test kit. It uses a colorimetric method that can detect the concentration of Oleocanthal and Oleacein in EVOO within 30 minutes. Magiatis asked them if they could be reviewed and adopted as Reference Analytical Techniques.”

IOC Boardroom

Dr. Prokopios Magiatis, Dr. Eleni Melliou, Dir. Livia Oliva, Dr. Fernández Albadalejo, Dr. Jose Amerigo in the IOC boardroom

Dr. Fernandez and Mrs. Oliva showed great interest in the NMR and Aristoleo and invited Magiatis to submit them to the IOC for consideration before their next October meeting where they will be reviewing all the new methods submitted for the analysis of phenolic content in olive oil.

I asked Magiatis why they travelled to Spain during such a time of economic and political crisis in Greece. “We made many attempts over the last 3 years to coordinate our activities with Greek government officials but have been met with one obstacle after another. Our goal as scientists is to verify the superiority of Hellenic olive oil and promote it for its health benefits using phenolic analysis. Upon our arrival to the IOC we learned that Greece does not even have a representative at the IOC. This is a black eye for a country which is the third largest producer of olive oil with a long history in the culture and tradition of the olive tree. This confirmed that we can no longer depend on the government; we have to act as individuals or in organized groups in collaboration with likeminded individuals internationally.

Amerigo expressed the commitment of OIS to designing an online platform where all the information can be archived, accessed, shared and reviewed. This will include all the scientific information about EVOO rich in oleocanthal specific health benefits and research being conducted on other phenolic compounds. Amerigo offered to coordinate all activities with the IOC and promote it through their Publishing Services in cooperation with OIS.

Dr. Fernandez and Mrs. Oliva were invited to attend the October Conference organized by both Societies (OIS and SAO) in Baeza-Ubeda (Jaen province-Spain) where they will participate with international experts made up of Scientists, Doctors, Dieticians, Chefs and EVOO Producers.

Amerigo came away very pleased with the positive meeting with IOC Directors: “the enthusiasm shown by IOC is proof of the increasing interest in ongoing research for EVOO that is rich in Oleocanthal as a Functional Food because there are is no other food in the world with such a high level of overall health benefits and measurable properties”.

The political developments in Greece do not give much hope this Greek government will act any different than the previous ones to support the olive sector in a positive manner. In a crucial vote in Parliament last week one of the major supporters of scientific research for the olive sector from Messinia and Syriza Member of Parliament, Eleni Psareas broke with the party line and voted against Alexis Tsipras desire to make a deal with the creditors that would include more austerity. It remains to be seen how Psareas NO vote will affect her influence and standing within Syriza governing party.

The Greek coalition government led by Syriza has capitulated to the demands of the EU lenders and the IMF. Their attempts to renegotiate over the last 5 months the loan agreement terms that have devastated the Greek economy have failed. Threatened with a Greek banking collapse and immediate repayment of hundreds of billions in loans Tsipras the leader of Syriza has accepted the harsh austerity measures imposed by the lenders. This is a spectacular collapse of hope. This is not the first time a politician or political party has dashed the hopes and dreams of its electorate in Greece. In fact it is a longstanding pattern of modern Greek politics. Under the new terms for additional loans the olive sector is hit particularly hard. The income of olive growers will be taxed from the first euro of income and the income tax increased from 13% to 26% which will include the farm subsidies they receive. The subsidy on farm diesel is abolished. Last year the additional (ENFIA) real estate tax that was imposed under the threat of confiscation will remain for at least the next two years. The already small farm pensions will also be reduced. Greece now finds itself at the mercy of the ever-hardening position of some EU states.

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If this form of enhanced austerity becomes law it will have a very negative effect for the Greek olive growers by increasing costs and lowering subsidies. I asked Melliou if there was any hope for the future for the olive sector. “It is now more imperative than ever to concentrate on producing the highest phenolic EVOO possible in order to achieve higher prices and help the small independent olive growers become profitable. We simply cannot allow the olive groves to be abandoned ever again.” Melliou said with a glimmer of hope and determination in her eyes.

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