Aristoleo® Team

Our vision is to connect the ancient Hellenic culture’s intuition with modern science.

Aristoleo® Test Kit is the result of a multi year effort by a team of professionals in business, health and research with a common bond; their love of extra virgin olive oil and their wish to connect the ancient Hellenic culture’s intuition with modern science.

Recent developments in the field of olive oil research made the invention of Aristoleo® Test Kit a very important tool. After years of cutting edge research by Dr. Magiatis his team of researchers at the University of Athens they discovered the NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) method to accurately measure each phenolic compound. Greek olive oils were found to contain unique phenolic profiles. The amount of phenolic compounds found in the olive oil began to be associated directly with the price the olive oil was sold. The greater the amount of oleocanthal and oleacein the higher the price. The next step was to develop a handheld method that can be used in the field to analyze the amount of specific phenolic compounds in the olive oil.

This led to the creation of the Aristoleo® Test Kit, to identify the olive oils that contain the highest amount of health protective phenolic compounds in Greece and all over the world.

The Team consists of: Marilyn Harding and Athan Gadanidis.

Marilyn Harding
Marilyn Harding
Marilyn Harding is the founder of Artemis Alliance inc.a Canadian corporation which financed the research that led to the invention of the Aristoleo™ Test Kit. Artemis is in pursuit of strategic alliances in holistic lifestyle, with a focus on Hellenic Culture, Food, Research, and Innovation.
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Athan Gadanidis
Athan Gadanidis
Athan Gadanidis is an independent researcher and writer on the subject of Olive oil , nutrition, politics and economics. Athan decided to focus his attention on the promotion of Aristoleo™ due to its immense value to discover the healthiest olive oils. Athan’s personal mission is for every person to have the opportunity to taste what real olive oil tastes like and experience the health benefits for themselves.
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