Aristoleo® Team

Our vision is to connect the ancient Hellenic culture’s intuition with modern science.

Aristoleo® Test Kit is the result of a multi year effort by a team of professionals in business, health and research with a common bond; their love of extra virgin olive oil and their wish to connect the ancient Hellenic culture’s intuition with modern science.

Recent developments in the field of olive oil research made the invention of Aristoleo® Test Kit a very important tool. After years of cutting edge research by Dr. Magiatis his team of researchers at the University of Athens they discovered the NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) method to accurately measure each phenolic compound. Greek olive oils were found to contain unique phenolic profiles. The amount of phenolic compounds found in the olive oil began to be associated directly with the price the olive oil was sold. The greater the amount of oleocanthal and oleacein the higher the price. The next step was to develop a handheld method that can be used in the field to analyze the amount of specific phenolic compounds in the olive oil.

This led to the creation of the Aristoleo® Test Kit, to identify the olive oils that contain the highest amount of health protective phenolic compounds in Greece and all over the world.

The Team consists of Marilyn Harding, Athan Gadanidis and Patrica Foster.

Marilyn Harding is the founder of Artemis Alliance Inc., an Ontario, Canada corporation, which financed the research that led to the invention of the Aristoleo™ Test Kit. Artemis is in pursuit of strategic alliances in holistic lifestyle, with a focus on Hellenic Culture, Food, Research, and Innovation.

Marilyn is known as a visionary with entrepreneurial sensibilities and has been an advocate and marketer of holistic therapies since the incorporation of Artemis Alliance Inc. in 2005 and LightBeam a hub for holistic therapies (2008). She set up Toronto based Aristoleo North America (2018) online store to promote high phenolic olive oil to meet the growing demand for this new category of olive oil in  the North American market.

Harding is the author of Exhilarated Life: Discovering Inner Happiness and a writer on Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, has written for Huffington Post and is editor of Medium Platform  EZine Beyond Organic, Beyond Extra Virgin.

Athan Gadanidis is an independent researcher and writer on the subject of olive oil for Olive Oil Times, nutrition, politics and economics. Athan decided to focus his attention on the promotion of Aristoleo™ due to its immense value to discover the healthiest olive oils. Athan’s personal mission is for every person to have the opportunity to taste what real olive oil tastes like and experience the health benefits for themselves.

As director of Aristoleo Ltd., Gadanidis has become a recognized expert in high phenolic olive oil and works with producers and the public to further the interest, awareness and quality of high phenolic olive oil on the market.

Athan Gadanidis is also the sole volunteer for the Trailblazing Prostate Cancer Pilot Study for the use of pure oleocanthal extracted from olive oil in the treatment of prostate cancer. The pilot continues, but has already proven the safety of pure oleocanthal in the human bloodstream. It’s efficacy as  a potential prostate cancer treatment has yet to be established. The pilot was postponed due to the CoronaVirus pandemic.

Gadanidis is devoted to the Hellenic Renaissance, which he believes has yet to happen and will indeed happen through High Phenolic Olive Oil.

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Patricia Foster, after a long financial career, has immersed herself fully into the therapeutic world since 2012, as a Life Coach, Psychotherapist, Focusing trainer/teacher and practicing caring economic. During 2013 Patricia met Athan Giadanides and Marilyn Harding (through the Focusing training) and quickly became fascinated in the physical health and wellness sector through Aristoleo and High Phenolic EVOO.

Patricia worked from 1979 in the shipping sector in Holland until she moved to Greece in 1981. From 1981-1992 she became an assistant Financial Manager for an international shipping company. From 1992 to 2008, Patricia became the Financial Director and Manager of the Medmar Group, where she was active in Banking – Ship Finance – Documentary Credits – Financial Derivatives – Cost accounting – Preparation of Budgets – Cash flows – Business developments plans for the groups companies, which included the Leisure industry/ Fast Food and Hotel Complex Restaurant/ Equestrian Centre/ Hydroponic Plantation in Turks and Caicos/ Office management, Setting up and Supervising IT Department, Financial Manager of Greek/ UK/ Swiss and Turks and Caicos Island Companies.\

In 2014, Patricia returned to her beloved home town of Liverpool, where she set up her own company(GR-UK Ltd) and has practiced ever since as both a Financial Consultant and Life Coach. She is in the very fortunate position of being able to return to Greece on a regular basis to spend time on her beloved island of Aegina, where the latest project Aristoleo began and is run from… Patricia does indeed feel very fortunate to be able to enjoy the highlights and delights of both her city of Liverpool and village in Aegina, the perfect combination… Now all that remains is to bring the health and wellness sector of Aegina to Liverpool, a work in progress…