Every Pet Parent’s Concern

It’s not news that our beloved dogs and cats are suffering human diseases at an escalating rate. Dogs especially lead accelerated lives and preventable illness is every pet parent’s concern.

A Scientific American article lists obesity, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and cancer as real concerns for pet parents. I lost my adored husky, Skye, to lymphoma. In Greece, we were on hand when the results came in for an initial human trial on CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia) with stunning results of just adding high phenolic EVOO to the daily diet.

Ensuring Quality and Trust by Building Community

The supplement market for both humans and pets is like the Wild West. So many jump onto the trend and are coming out with all sorts of products – some good for sure, and others questionable, but how does a buyer know? Olive oil is a food, it’s safe, and it’s vet recommended.

I’m writing to you today ahead of the exciting development and launch of our new product, Aristoleo Pet+. We’re looking for businesses that we feel share the same values of offering premium quality, service, and care as we do. After much research, we have found you!

Like the humans Aristoleo serves, we want to make sure pets get the best and their owners understand that this pure polyphenol-rich olive oil is distinguished by the EU Health Claim for olive oils with polyphenols over 250 mg/kg as heart-healthy.

The MED Diet phenomenon has caused the rise in the popularity of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) – Starbucks is now serving coffee with a shot of EVOO in it! That may seem like a strange phenomenon, but it’s no surprise to us.

Health Benefits of High Phenolic Olive Oil

Early harvest extra virgin olive oil has been used as a traditional medicine for millennia and is the literal example of “let food be thy medicine”. Clinical and human trials proving the potential prevention and/or treatment efficacy of HP-EVOO include cardiovascular, autoimmune, neurodegenerative disease, and many cancers.

What’s Special About Aristoleo Pet+?

If you’re anything like us, and we sense you are, the pets in our care mean the world to us and we want them to have the best care that we can provide and that’s exactly what led us to offer Aristoleo Pet+ – an Aristoleo Certified High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Aristoleo Pet+ has a phenolic content between 500 mg – 800 mg per kilogram so you can imagine the impact with less fat and the benefits of polyphenols.

Lucy and TinTIn – The Inspiration for Aristoleo Pet+

This past winter, the wind was blowing as I trekked the sea path. All of a sudden, a gleeful little ball of matted white fur with a dirty face wiggled under the blue gate to follow me. I posted her picture on Instagram and the next day heard the rest of Lucy’s story. She needed a home. Weeks passed before I fostered her along with her BFF a ginger cat “Tzintzer” who I nicknamed TinTin.

Lucy and TinTin are like a couple of kids with their antics and suddenly, a dream I’ve had for years came alive; a pure and natural nutritional supplement for pets with scientifically proven health benefits – and a contribution to animal rescue on Aegina Island where I live in Greece.

We know through our own business and contribution to human trials that corporate social conscience means a lot to our clients. Animal rescue in Europe is much different than in North America and is mostly volunteer-driven. They need help and through a contribution from sales of ARISTOLEO PET, we will see feral cats and abandoned dogs get treatment, neutering, and adoption.

Thanks for your time in reading this.

If you are interested in knowing more, I’ll happily send you a PDF with links or hop on a call.

This is more than a business for me – it’s a passion – made even greater since letting these two joyful creatures into my heart.

Me agapi (with love)