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Aristoleo Cooler Maintains Freshness of High Phenolic EVOO

The EU Health Claim for polyphenols has changed the olive oil business forever. No longer is the sole measure of quality the acidity, or taste. The source of the health benefits has finally been re-discovered; it is the polyphenols which are only found in significant concentrations in early harvest olive oil made from green unripened olives. These olive oils present a remarkable taste combination of bitter and peppery that can enhance not only your health but any dish you pour it on; even ice cream or fruit, fish, meat, vegetables and even cocktails. The Aristoleo Cooler maintains the freshness of High Phenolic EVOO (HP EVOO)
This is exactly what the ancient doctors like Hippocrates and DIscourides insisted: “Medicinal quality olive oil can only be made from green unripened olives.” They may not have known about polyphenols 2,500 year ago but they did recognize the highest quality of olive oil and made use of it in over 60 healing recipes.
Unfortunately green olives produce a reduced quantity of olive oil. For the highest concentrations of polyphenols it requires up to 10 times more olives. Ordinary extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) made from mature olives can produce as much as 30 liters per 100 kilos. Some of the highest concentrations of polyphenols were produced from green unripened olives with as little as 3 liters per 100 kilos of olives.
“The health benefits of olive oil are 99 percent related to the presence of the phenolic compounds, not the oil itself,” says Nasir Malik, research plant physiologist at the U.S. Agriculture Department’s Agricultural Research Service
It’s one thing to produce the best olive oil in the world. Take care to store it at lower than 18°C and then bottle it under the best conditions using the highest quality materials and art work. Then you gladly hand it over to distributor who sticks it in an uncontrolled temperature environment stuck on a shelf between the spaghetti and the cans of tomato sauce for months at a time. The good news is now you have another option: certification of the phenolic content, temperature controlled storage and display in a transparent and open manner.
The first Aristoleo Cooler installed in Greece is in Athens and the very first to be installed in USA is in Manassas Virginia, and very soon in Canada, UK, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Cyprus, Australia and New Zealand.
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The first High Phenolic EVOO (HP EVOO) to be certified in Greece is Prevezana by Bio-Green Olive Oil.

Prevezana is the first first high phenolic EVOO in Greece

The first HP EVOO to be certified in the USA is Laconiko OLIO NUOVO in Manassas Virginia.

Laconiko OLIO NUOVO by Diamantis Pierrakos (in the photo) and Dino Pierrakos is the first certifed high phenolic EVOO in the USA


Aristoleo Cooler

The first Aristoleo Cooler in USA

Certified Prevezana high phenolic olive oil

Aristoleo Cooler at the World Olive Center for Health Olive Oil Shop & Lab

See the links above for instructions where to purchase these certifed High Phenolic EVOOs.

This is a historic moment for the olive oil industry. A welcome but disruptive innovation that will be embraced or, rejected despite all the benefits it brings to the industry. By buying one of these certified olive oils you are not only benefiting your own health but you are ensuring the survival of the healthiest quality of food production. As a wise man once said: “Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Let Medicine By Thy Food “

Athan interviews Dr. Prokopios Magiatis about the results of the
clinical trials he conducted or oversaw. 

Now we know for sure. Never forget again. Nature is our friend not our enemy. The enemy is industrialized food production. 



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