Artisanal Producers

High Phenolic Olive Oil, by nature of early harvest, is low yield and subject to Nature’s moods. Aristoleo Certifies Olive Oil Producers who follow stringent methods to produce a high calibre of phenolic compounds and makes certain that all stages from milling to bottling to storage are climate controlled between 12.5-15°C.

Our plan is to have a central European distribution centre with climate controlled storage and bottling facility to support the growing number of High Phenolic Brands meeting the Aristoleo Standards.

Aristoleo has certified two producers, Poliċ Estate Truske, Slovenia and Evolia Organic Farms Evaggelia, Greece. We welcome more producers who are understanding the necessity of climate control to preserve the precious phenolic compounds.

Both Poliċ and Evolia are organic and cultivated bio dynamically. They are outstanding olive oils and are stored between 12.5-15°C. Check out their profiles on Aristoleo Awards, get to know them a little and contact them directly to order their fine olive oil.