Aristoleo Awards March 17 2017 “Tasted, Tested and True”




Aristoleo Awards 2017

Aristoleo Awards 2017
High Phenolic EVOO

The Aristoleo Awards 2017 results. The response has been almost double the participants of last year. A total of 48 high phenolic olive oils were submitted. We are in communication with the participants to receive final approval and the way they wish their product and names to be published.

EVOOs made from 17 single varieties and blends were honored for their high phenolic content from 5 countries. Greece, Cyprus, USA Italy and Croatia

There was only one olive oil that was found to have a slight defect and it was disqualified. The phenolic concentration was 252mg per kg. This proves once again that the high phenolic EVOOs, generally are found to have a much lower incidence of defects than lower phenolic EVOOs.

In other International EVOO competitions, such as the NYIOOC, the percentage of EVOOs found to have defects can go as high as 50%. The truth about EVOO:  “The health benefits of olive oil are 99 percent related to the presence of the phenolic compounds, not the oil itself,” says Nasir Malik, research plant physiologist at the U.S. Agriculture Department’s Agricultural Research Service.

We also received a number of varieties of olives to be tested for their phenolic content. Greek olive varieties are a rich source of hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol. All the Greek olives tested would provide at least 1mg of per gram of the combined concentration of hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol per olive. Consuming 6 high phenolic olives a day may provide a nutritious and health protective and health promoting nutritional snack or with your meal.

According to Dr. Mercola: “Several studies have shown that the incidence of coronary heart disease and cancers is lowest in the Mediterranean basin as compared to other parts of the world because of the diet … rich in olives and olive products.

There is a whole lot of love behind the Aristoleo® Awards “Tasted, Tested and True” International Olive Oil Competition.

Last year’s Aristoleo® Awards “Hellenic Miracle” celebrated Greek EVOOs by combining IOC approved taste and phenolic content as measured by NMR.

Bio diversity is our overall theme this year with a focus on agro-ecology design for olive grove management
Aristoleo Awards 2017

Tasted Tested & True  High Phenolic EVOO 2017  Tasted Tested & True


This year we are celebrating the diversity of olive varietals that produce High Phenolic EVOOs. 

Bio diversity is our overall theme this year with a focus on permaculture olive grove design and implementation.

This year we will also analyze table olives using the NMR for their phenolic concentration according to their varietal. This is the first time in history where table olives will be analyzed for their healthfulness in competition.  


Aristoleo Awards 2017

High Phenolic EVOO 2017 Tasted Tested & True

Minimum production of extra virgin olive oil is 30kg. This is where we differ from all the other competitions. Many producers goto great lengths to produce small quantities of the most health promoting EVOO. We want to reward their efforts and help them find the consumers who values this exceptional EVOO as much as we do. We also seek to help the companies who spend time, effort and a great deal of money to establish their high phenolic EVOO brands. We want to raise their profile to increase demand and help them achieve higher prices for this priceless health promoting and health protective high phenolic EVOO.


This is where the Aristoleo® Awards 2017 “Tasted, Tested and True” comes in and makes a leap across borders, and goes International.

The objective is to create a world map pinpointing the best areas and varietals that produce the highest phenolic EVOOs. The publicity generated will promote these extraordinary EVOOs to eager health conscious consumersAristoleo® test image 340X212.






We are also introducing a new innovative measuring tool for oleocanthal and oleacein which we call the Aristometer™. It is essentially a miniature spectrometer specially calibrated to det­­­ect the colour in the Aristoleo test tube and determine the combined amount of oleocanthal and oleaceinwith accuracy.

There will be three GOLD, SILVER AND BRONZE awards within each varietal category & 3 types of awards.

We will also award the TASTED TESTED & TRUE AWARD to the high phenolic EVOOs that are above 500mg per kg of total phenolic concentration:


1. The combined amounts of oleocanthal and oleacein confirmed live by the Aristoleo®/Aristometer* analytical tools  (must contain at least 300mg per kg of combined total of oleocanthal and oleacein compounds to qualify)

2. The amount of oleocanthal as measured by NMR 

3. The total phenolic concentration as measured by the NMR method (must contain at least 500mg per kg of phenolic compounds to qualify)


4. The total phenolic concentration in table olives as measured by the NMR method


*Aristometer is a new handheld spectrometer specifically calibrated to analyze the color result of Aristoleo Test Kit and define the concentration of the combined amount of oleocanthal and oleacein in the olive oil sample. The Aristometro™ is part of the 3 year 5 country Aristoil Interreg MED project to research and educate olive growers on how to produce, mill, store, analyse and bottle high phenolic EVOO.

The Aristoleo Awards 2017 offers a level playing field between large and small. Our main objective is to award the extraordinary and highlight the best varieties from around the world.

Unlike many other competitions, there will be a low minimum quantity to enter; 30 kilograms is the minimum requirement. A minimum of hundreds of kilos or a few tons discriminates against many smaller producers who have limited quantities but often the highest quality. They are rare and expensive and sought after by those that appreciate the labour of love that goes into producing these extraordinary health-promoting EVOOs.

The organoleptic analysis will be conducted in order to ensure entries have zero defects.

The organoleptic analysis will be conducted by the well respected organoleptic judge from Food Allergens Lab; George Siragakis.

These are the EVOOs that fed the most creative, inventive, and physically fit ancient Hellenic culture 2,500 years ago, in a little country now called Hellenic Republic (Greece).

More recently, in 2012, Drs. Prokopios Magiatis and Eleni Melliou and their research team at the University of Athens discovered the science behind the ancient health claims made for early harvest olive oil. Dioscoredes and Hippocrates among others wrote about the medicinal qualities of olive oils and their benefits and uses in daily life.

The ability to accurately identify and measure specific phenols in olive oil by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) has led to some fascinating indicators and olive oil producers are taking notice.  Thousands of olive oils from around the world have now been tested.  The following EVOO facts have been scientifically confirmed:

  1. early harvest olive oils contain significantly higher levels of health promoting phenolic compounds,
  2. The higher the phenolic concentration the longer the EVOO stays fresh,
  3. The higher the phenolic concentration the higher the smoke point,
  4. Higher phenolic EVOOs in the EU can place a health claim on the label,
  5. The research into the health benefits of high phenolic EVOOs are continuing to astound eg heart and stroke health, Alzheimer, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, skin conditions, chronic pain and inflammation just to name a few.

Independent medical research has kept apace and continues to prove the health benefits from a daily consumption of extra virgin olive oil rich in phenolic compounds, especially oleocanthal.

Join us for a celebration of the diversity of high phenolic EVOO.

Join us in a celebration of health and vitality.

Join us for the Aristoleo Awards 2017

“Tasted, Tested and True”

Aristoleo Ltd (Cyprus)


Aristoleo Awards 2017

Aristoleo Awards 2017 Awards for Excellent High Phenolic EVOO

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