Aristoleo Awards was established in 2016 in recognition of the distinct category of olive oils identified by the EU Health Claim 432-2012. The focus is on the micronutrients contained in extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). These micronutrients are known as phenolic compounds, bio-phenols, or polyphenols. 

The objective of the Aristoleo Awards is to raise awareness in the global market for high phenolic olive oil and table olives and to support the growing number of producers changing cultivation, harvest, and production methods to meet the increasing demand for this traditional folk medicine. 

Since the acceptance of the health claim labelling regulation for polyphenols by the EU commission in 2012, buyers are seeking trustworthy sources for extra virgin olive oils with proven health benefits.

The EU 432/2012 health claim states a minimum amount (250mg per kg) of specific polyphenols that must be present in the olive oil to qualify for the health claim on the label. 

HPLC (COI), the currently approved method of the IOC, is a chromatographic method of analysis and cannot measure quantitatively the concentration of phenolic compounds. The method uses tyrosol equivalents to measure total phenolic compounds. It has been  determined by the EU commission and EFSA that HPLC method is not suitable for the implementation of the health claim. 

qNMR (quantitative Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) is able to accurately and rapidly analyze samples directly and give a full report of individual phenolic compounds and their concentration in the olive oil. This method is most commonly used by producers that wish to place the health claim on their label. Health conscious individuals discovering the expanding body of clinical research in polyphenol rich olive oils look for this certification.

The EU funded 3-year, 5-country ARISTOIL Interreg MED study into best practices in production, handling and marketing of high phenolic olive oil verified the qNMR to the LC-MS/MS method of phenolic analysis, which was the method used by Dr. Maria Isabel Covas, University of Barcelona, to write the original health claim. The EU Commission has since endorsed this.

Aristoleo Awards were created to fill the gap between the IOOC taste awards and the laboratory analysis of phenolic compounds. 

Aristoleo Awards are announced on our websites, social media and articles and press reeases throughout the year as submissions are received so that producers can utilize the award status in their marketing campaigns in a timely way.

The official Aristoleo Award 2023 ceremony will be held online in 2024 (date to be announced) 



Aristoleo Awards recognise olive oils that fulfill specific criteria for taste and phenolic analysis.

TASTE: Olive oils must conform to the standard of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, for defects only, as set out by the IOC. The taste analysis, conducted at Food Allergens Lab in Athens Greece, is included in the registration fee. 

PHENOLIC ANALYSIS: The phenolic analysis must only be performed within three (3) months of entry submission using the qNMR method developed by Dr. Prokopios Magiatis and his team at the University of Athens. The qNMR analysis is included in the cost of the registration fee. The analysis is conducted at the World Olive Oil Center for Health (WOCH) in Athens Greece. If the entrant has a current qNMR analysis, this is accepted and the amount deducted from the entry fee.

REGISTRATION: All participants must fill out the online registration form accessible with this link:

SAMPLES: 4 X 500ml bottles are to be delivered to the address below. 

ATT: Aristoleo Awards 
76 Imittou Street 5
th floor,
P.C. 11634,
Athens – Greece Tel: +30 210 752 5134

All registrants will receive a certificate of phenolic analysis from the WOCH and a Taste Analysis Report from Food Allergens Lab.

The Aristoleo Awards are given to extra virgin olive oils based on the concentration of polyphenols,

Registration fee will not be refunded under any circumstances. 

Aristoleo Awards is not libel for any loss of samples during transportation. The cost of shipping the olive oil samples to WOCH is the sole responsibility of the Registrant. If samples are lost or damaged during transportation the registrant must replace the damaged samples at their own cost. 

Aristoleo Awards are owned and operated by Artemis Alliance Inc. based in Canada. 

Registration fees must be transferred to this financial institution in the EU. 

Artemis Alliance Inc. DBA
IBAN: BE20 9671 8506 5656
Avenue Louise 54, Room S52
Brussels, 1050, Belgium