This year we Celebrate the Health Claim labelling regulation for Phenolic Compounds in Olive Oil.

This Health Claim has changed the world of olive oil and brought it back to its roots of “Traditional Medicine” 

Since the start of the Aristoleo Awards in 2016 I saw it as a journey of discovery. Each year we have a different theme to explore the many aspects of olive oil one by one. The secret to olive oil health benefits are the phenolic compounds it contains and not the olive oil itself.

ARISTOLEO AWARDS 2024 for the 2023-24 harvest season.

Aristoleo serves the interests of the high phenolic producers.

This is the reason we announce the results as we receive them.



High Phenolic Olive Oil entry fee: €325 per sample (discount for multiples).
If you have a current qNMR certificate €100.00 will be deducted from the registration fee.

High Phenolic Table Olives registration fee: €300
If you have a qNMR certificate €100.00 will be deducted from the registration fee.

Major discovery regarding the variety of 5,000 year old olive trees

Major olive tree discovery

Early Harvest High Phenolic EVOO in the Mediterranean Region was never used as a Traditional Food; it was considered and used as a Traditional or Folk Medicine. It was never sold but it was produced in small quantities and passed around to family members and consumed on a daily basis as a tonic and “panaceum” usually mixed with red wine. I grew up with it. My mother soothed my teething pain by rubbing it on my gums. 

Only recently did we discover the phenolic compounds responsible for this apparent pain reduction effect.

In 2005 Gary Beauchamp identified the peppery taste of olive oil was caused by a phenolic compound. He named it Oleocanthal the rest is History as they say… The came the EU 432/2012 Labelling Health Claim for polyphenols in olive oil. This health claim inspired me to research and write about it.

2012 was also the year that Dr. Prokopios Magiatis and his team of researchers developed the qNMR method to analyze quantitatively the presence of phenolic compounds in olive oil.

Here we are today 10 years later. The health claim has not been supported by the Food Safety Agencies in the EU because of the immense pressure they face from the olive oil industry spearheaded by the IOC (International Olive Council). They resent the EU creating a new category of olive oil based on polyphenol concentrations… and here we are.

High Phenolic EVOO May be the Real Fountain of Youth

10 Years After

It has not been easy these last 10 years but the message is finally getting though to the consumers. Many independent olive growers decided to change their harvest times, milling settings to increase the polyphenol content and storage temperatures to protect them against oxidation.

For the first time in history we have enough of this high phenolic EVOO being produced for commercial purposes. It is very expensive, but once more consumers demand it and more olive growers begin producing it, we expect the prices to drop over next 5 years. There is always the danger that some may cut corners or mislabel their olive oil to make a quick buck. This is why we created the Aristoleo Awards, the DataLok Certification and Aristoleo Coolers.


2016 “The Greek Miracle”

2017 “Tasted Tested & True”

2018 “Beyond Organic Beyond Extra Virgin”

2019 “Food as Medicine”

2020 “Age of Transparency – High Tech High Touch”

2021 “The Phenolic Effect”

2022 “The Age of Clarity – Aristoleo Cooler”

2023 “Polyphenols the Key to Health and Long Life”

2024 Celebrating 12 years sense the Health Claim for phenolic compounds in olive oil was approved EU432/2012

High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olives

The annual Aristoleo Awards have become the leading advocate for the distinct category of high phenolic olive oil and olives.

The EU 432/2012 Labelling Health Claim for polyphenols has revolutionized the olive oil industry by offering a distinct and measurable health benefit of each olive oil. It is no longer the level of acidity that is the key criteria for quality of olive oil; the concentration of phenolic compounds in olive oil and olives is the new standard of quality.

Read about the latest research on the many health benefits of high phenolic olive oil here.

Aristoleo Awards  Presented on Monthly Basis

We no longer wait for a certain date to award the High Phenolic Olive Oils and Olives. We present the Aristoleo Awards online as each olive oil and olive samples are analyzed and tested.

The official event for the presentation will be scheduled in 2024.

There are 5 categories of Awards:

High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Aristoleo Awards

Triple Gold: 2000+ mg per kg

Double Gold: 1200-2000 mg per kg 

Gold: 800 -1199 mg per kg 

Silver: 500 – 799 mg per kg  

Bronze: 250mg – 499 per kg 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil must contain a minimum of 250 mg/kg of total phenolic compounds to qualify to receive an Aristoleo Award.

Phenolic Profile:
All olive oil samples will be analyzed using the qNMR (quantitative Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) method developed by Dr. Magiatis and his team of researchers at the University of Athens.

Organoleptic Analysis:
All olive oil samples taste assessement will take place at Food Allergens Lab. Olive oil samples must be be free of any taste defects to qualify to take part in the Aristoleo Awards.

Olive Oil Samples:
The phenolic analysis of the olive oil samples will be conducted by qNMR at the World Olive Centre in Athens Greece, as they are received.

The results for the ARISTOLEO AWARDS will be announced monthly on,, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and other media channels such as: Blogs, Newspapers, Podcasts, Television 

We will send instructions where to send samples once we have received the registration and payment. If you wish to participate in the Aristoleo-DataLok Certification Program and place your certified olive oils in the Aristoleo Coolers please contact us before sending samples for the Aristoleo Awards. 

All entrants will receive both NMR certificates and taste test results.
Once you have registered, you will receive an invoice from Aristoleo North America div of Artemis Alliance Inc. Toronto, Canada.

High Phenolic Table Olives Criteria for the Aristoleo Awards

Triple Gold: 3.00+mg per gm

Double Gold: 2.00+ mg per gm

Gold: 1.50+ mg per gm

Silver: 1,00 – 1,49 mg per gm

Bronze: 0,50 – 0,99 mg per gm


We only accept analysis of the phenolic content of olives from The World Olive Center in Athens Greece

A discount is available for bundling for more details contact:
Olives must have a minimum of 0,50 mg of phenolic content per gram of olive (without pit) to qualify for an Aristoleo Award.

Τable olives phenolic content does not change as rapidly as olive oil samples. Therefore, if you have a
current analysis by NMR from the World Olive Center in Athens Greece, of your table olives we will deduct €100 from the entry fee upon
submission of the certificate of analysis from Prokopios Magiatis lab at the Univ of Athens.

All entrants will receive the official NMR certificate of analysis of the olives submitted.

Aristoleo-DataLok Protocol (ADLP)

If you are interested in having your high phenolic extra virgin olive oil certified and sold in the Aristoleo Cooler and by certified online retailers, contact us and we will provide a free assessment. 




Aristoleo Awards 2024

Aristoleo Awards 2024