6th Annual Aristoleo Awards


“Age of Transparency”


Aristoleo Awards are discovering, verifying, certifying, promoting and distributing high phenolic olive oils 365 days of the year.

This year we will embark on a global expedition to bring the message of high phenolic EVOO to the world.

We will be taking the Aristoleo Awards every year to a new country. 

Free from the constraints of pre-scheduled events and national borders Aristoleo Awards will become the Global symbol of quality 365 days of the year. 

First stop Toronto Canada.


We are introducing major changes to the Aristoleo Awards:

  1. Aristoleo Awards will be hosted in Toronto Canada this year and will be the first High Phenolic Olive Oil and Olive competition in North America. Aristoleo Awards will travel to a different country or region every year so all consumers can have the opportunity to taste the difference and experience the enhanced health benefits.
  2. The 6th Annual Aristoleo Awards is transforming into a 365-day celebration of High Phenolic EVOOs and Table Olives. The Aristoleo Awards for high phenolic EVOOs and table olives will now open up the submission and awarding process to allow producers to submit their samples 365 days of the year. They will receive the Aristoleo Award as soon as the organoleptic and phenolic analysis is completed. No more waiting for months to receive the Aristoleo Award!
  3. CERTIFICATION – Age of Transparency Certified with Aristo-App Data-Lock to track and protect every batch of high phenolic EVOO from the olive grove to the buyers hands.  see further down this page for details.

Every winner will be interviewed on video and clips will be widely distributed on social media so the consumers can have the opportunity to meet the producer.

Our aim is to open communication channels between the buyers and the producers to build trust and develop relationships and expand agro-tourism and direct sales.

This open communication will eliminate any misinformation about high phenolic EVOOs. The popularity of high phenolic EVOOs is increasing and we must protect this new category of olive oil from opportunists.

Fill in one form per entry for each olive oil sample or table olives. Contact Athan for inquiries about multiple entry discounts or for anything else: aristoleoawards@gmail.com

Apply here:


Results will be announced and Aristoleo Awards presented as soon as the results from the NMR and the organoleptic analysis are received.

Press releases will go out every month to celebrate the high phenolic olive oils and olives

The olive oil samples must pass the organoletic analysis and found to contain no defects, and the phenolic analysis and found to contain above 250mg phenolic compounds per kg. as per EU health claim for polyphenols 432/2012.

However we recommend you attain at least 500mg of polyphenols per kg before you place the EU Health claim on the bottle. 

BRONZE – Everyday health: 250 – 499 mg per kg
SILVER – High Phenolic: 500 – 799 mg per kg
GOLD – Extra High Phenolic  800 -1199 mg per kg
DOUBLE GOLD – Exceptionally High Phenolic 1200+ mg per kg

All the participants will receive the official organoleptic analysis from a taste lab certifying the olive oil is indeed extra virgin category with no defects.

In fact Aristoleo Awards is the only Olive Oil competition that offers official taste certificates verifying the sample is in the Extra VIrgin Olive OIl category

They will also receive the certificate of the qNMR method of measuring phenolic content from the World Olive Center for Health. (WOCH)

More info:

ENTRY FEE €275,00 Register here: 



A discount is available for bundling services for more details contact: aristoleoawards@gmail.com
Olives must have a minimum of 0,50 mg of phenolic content per gram of olive (without pit) to qualify for an Aristoleo Award.
BRONZE: Everyday Health: 0,50 – 0,99
SILVER: High Phenolic: 1,00 – 1,49
GOLD: Extra High Phenolic: 1,50+
DOUBLE GOLD: Exceptionally High Phenolic: 2.00+

Exceptionally High Phenolic 2,00+If you have a current analysis by NMR of your table olives we will deduct €100 from the entry fee upon submission of the certificate of analysis from Prokopios Magiatis lab at the Univ of Athens.All entrants will receive the official NMR certificate of phenolic analysis and an official taste analysis certificate.Cost for entry: €275,00. the price includes 13 % HST Canadian VAT tax. You will be invoiced upon receipt of your application. Apply here: https://aristoleonorthamerica.com/pages/aristoleo-awards-2021-english

Age of Transparency

  1. In the “Age of Transparency” we are introducing an added feature: the “AristoApp Data-Lock”. The AristoApp is being developed as the first step in developing a certification program for high phenolic olive oils. High phenolic olive oils are being used in clinical trials to alleviate symptoms, or to delay the need for treatment. We know this from anecdotal evidence for many years now. We also have intitial positive indications from clinical trials. A great deal more research is required. People are finding some benefit and are searching for High Phenolic Olive Oils.
  2. Realizing that people are using these olive oils for their medical conditions makes it imperative that we ensure they are receiving the quality they are paying for. Once they are properly bottled, temperature is the biggest enemy of high phenolic EVOO. The certified olive oils will only be sold when displayed in retail outlets in our branded high phenolic coolers, or approved temperature controlled online shops.
  3. The AristoApp Security will track and trace the origin and the journey of each awarded high phenolic EVOO. All the data will be stored in 3 secure databases online and offline and accessible via the QR code on each bottle. All certificates of analysis will be readily available on a webpage and verified by all 3 databases. This ensures the data is secured. The participating olive oils will be randomly tested 3 times after bottling and only displayed in coolers set at 12° – 15° C. Each brand will be randomly tested by qNMR before they are placed in the display cooler as well as after 6 months, and again after 12 months to ensure the quality is being maintained.

The first Aristoleo Cooler filled with certified high phenolic olive oils wil be placed in May 2021 at the World Olive Center retail outlet in Athens Greece. Scheduled to open in April/May 2021

Aristoleo App Cooler

Aristoleo Cooler for High Phenolic EVOO 12.5 – 15° C

The second Aristoleo Cooler will be placed in Toronto Canada,

The third Aristoleo Cooler will be placed in London UK

We plan to have at least 50 coolers placed in the first 12 months, 100 additional Aristoleo Coolers placed in year two, at least 1000 Aristoleo Coolers placed globally by the 5th year.

The Aristoleo Coolers will increase the competitiveness of the MED region olive oils with a health claim, raise the prices olive growers receive, and most importantly, deliver a super healthy fresh and certified quality to the buyers hands.

ARISTOLEO AWARDS €275 per sample




Total cost: €750

Payment by PAYPAL or Bank Transfer register today to receive invoice and further instructions.

Register here: https://aristoleonorthamerica.com/pages/aristoleo-awards-2021-english

or contact Athan at: aristoleoawards@gmail.com

ARISTOLEO was a partner in the 3 year 5 country study ARISTOIL Interreg MED Programme 2016-2020

ARISTOIL Interreg MED Programme was designed to study the best practices in the olive grove and the laboratory