Results for the Aristoleo Awards for high phenolic olives are published here:

Due to the large amount of samples sent to Prokopios Magiatis laboratory at the Univ of Athens the results of the Aristoleo Awards 2018 high phenolic extra virgin olive oil competition will be available on March 24 2018.

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We will be announcing the winners of the Aristoleo Awards 2018 for Table Olives on schedule on March 17, 2018 at 12:00 pm right here

3rd Annual International ARISTOLEO AWARDS

High Phenolic Olive Oil March 24, 2018

 High Phenolic Table Olives March 17, 2018

RECENT NEWS: Aristoleo North America was founded in Toronto and we started selling high phenolic olive oil and olives in Canada and America and we expect increased demand. Priority is given to the olive oil and olives participating in the Aristoleo Awards and the companies that are listed in the AGORA- MARKET list.

Meetings with buyers are also organized in Greece and we will keep you informed as always by emails and telephone conversations.


Awards with a Difference

The ARISTOLEO AWARDS 2018 objective is threefold:

  1. Introduce the many superior high phenolic olive oils with a health claim to the international health conscious market. We are identifying the phenolic concentrations in categories to make it easier to choose wisely based on intended use; cooked, drizzled raw on prepared or fresh food, or as a daily health supplement on its own.
  2. Bring much needed transparency, accountability and science based criteria for choosing the best olive oils to the world of International olive oil competitions.
  3. Gather information and disseminate knowledge of varietals and agricultural
    practices, milling techniques and storage and transportation best practices to serve the fast growing high phenolic EVOO industry.


It all started with a belief. We believed in the wisdom of Hippocrates and Dioscoredes. Modern Greek scientists have confirmed that ancient wisdom and knowledge with modern scientific methods. Ancient wisdom is alive once again and continues to instruct, innovate and inspire modern Greeks and people around the world.

We believe that the future will be better than the past,

We believe the past can be our best teacher.

Our future inspires, our past unites us.

We are fully dedicated to the merging

ancient wisdom / modern science

increased production,



and marketing of high phenolic oils


High phenolic olive oil and olive producers around the world are a community of visionaries who have educated themselves and each other, invested time and money to make the most of what the olive tree has to offer. Extra virgin olive oil, EVOO, long known as the key ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet for Health, has now evolved through scientific identification into a new category of olive oil, which merits an EU health claim; 432/2012 labelling health claim. Certain table olives were found to be very rich in antioxidants as well and regarded to be in the food supplement and nutraceutical category.

The 2500-year-old health claim of Hippocrates has finally been verified:

“Let Food be thy Medicine and Let Medicine be thy Food”

The ARISTOLEO AWARDS 2018TASTED, TESTED & TRUE” is a celebration of the many olive oils that are TASTED and proven to be extra virgin, TESTED by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and found to contain more than 500 mg/kg of polyphenols, which is the TRUE measure of the healthfulness of olive oil.

For too long we have relied solely on taste analysis to award olive oils with gold medals and acclaim with mixed results.

There are many complaints of instances where one IOOC (international olive oil competition) awards a Gold medal for an olive oil and the other IOOC deems the same olive oil as defective. Some IOOCs even discard 50% of olive oil entries as defective!



Aristoleo Awards 2016 was the first competition in the world to judge olive oils based on their phenolic content along with their exceptional taste.

Aristoleo Awards is dedicated to promoting this new category of olive oil for health and has helped change the olive oil industry forever!  

The primary tool that has made this possible is the state-of-the-art NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) method developed by Dr. Magiatis and Dr. Melliou and their team of researchers at the University of Athens, along with the invention of the Aristoleo® Test kit. Νow we have the Aristometro™ (portable spectrometer) and the AristoApp™ a mobile phone application to more accurately analyse the phenolic content of olive oil.

The Aristometro and AristoApp were developed as part of the EU funded ARISTOIL Interreg MED Programme to increase competitiveness of the Mediterranean olive oil sector by producing olive oils that can meet and surpass the EU 432/2012 health claim labelling regulation minimum requirement of 250mg per kg of polyphenol concentration in olive oil.

Aristometro™ and AristoApp™ are co-financed by the European Regional fund, Aristoleo Ltd. and its Sponsors.

These ultra premium health promoting olive oils and olives are being sought by discerning health conscious consumers from around the world looking for natural ways to maintain or regain health for themselves or those they love.


Over these past three years, olive oils have surpassed the minimum requirement of 250 mg/kg of polyphenols stipulated by the EU health claim labelling regulation 432-2012. An increasing number of brands have levels of 1000, 3000 and this year nearly 5000 mg/kg!

What this means is these olive oils will be used in different ways. This is the reason we have designed the ARISTOLEO AWARDS 2018 to be the most transparent, inclusive and science based way to judge olive oil quality. When it comes to your health what would you use to determine the most health promoting olive oil? Taste, Aroma, or Science?

ARISTOLEO AWARDS 2018 is the only olive oil competition in the world judging and awarding olive oils based on scientific analysis.

We believe ultimately science determines the highest value of high phenolic EVOO and not taste or aroma. Health conscious consumers are researching and looking for facts not opinion.

High Phenolic Olive Oils this year will be recognised and awarded within 5 ranges of total phenolic content. This brings transparency, so consumers can decide if they are looking for a healthful culinary olive oil or as a daily food supplement. Transparency is now a reality in olive oil. We will be testing all the olive oils using the NMR method.

We will also use the Aristometro™ and the AristoApp™ to measure the combined oleocanthal and oleacein to showcase their accuracy and usefulness. The concentration of these 2 phenolic compounds is proving to be the key to the longevity of the olive oil and its health promoting and health protective attributes.*

ARISTOLEO AWARDS 2018 for total phenolic compounds are as follows:

500 – 750 BRONZE MEDAL

750 – 1000 mg per kg SILVER MEDAL

1000 – 2000 mg per kg GOLD MEDAL

2000 – 3000 mg per kg DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL

3000+ mg per kg TRIPLE GOLD MEDAL


Each entry will be analysed by the NMR method at the Dr. Prokopios Magiatis’ lab at the University of Athens. In addition, each high phenolic olive oil must pass an organoleptic analysis conducted by Food Allergen Labs to determine the olive oil sample has no defects to confirm its EVOO classification.

All varieties will be identified including blends and type of production – traditional, organic, wild, and agro-ecology. Aristoleo Awards 2018 will be awarded based on 5 categories of phenolic content (Triple Gold, Double Gold, Gold, Silver and Bronze).


Entry Fee: €250,00 

(Based on the NMR certificate of €100,00 and the
administraton fee for the ARISTOLEO AWARDS 2018 of €150,00).


Before January 31, 2018

Just €199

Special discounts will apply for multiple entries.

Deadline for entries February 28, 2018

Scroll down for registration form.

The higher the concentration of polyphenols the less one requires to receive the healthful benefits. ARISTOLEO AWARDS 2018 will continue to offer consumers a choice of several ranges to meet their dietary needs, personal taste preferences, or the much higher levels of phenolic concentrations for their enhanced health protecting and health promoting.

Too many high phenolic olive oils are judged by the old way of organoleptic standards developed from wine tasting to be defective due to their taste profile being judged to be “imbalanced”.

This new category of health promoting high phenolic olive oils complying with the EU 432/2012 health claim, are beyond the organoleptic standards used by IOOCs (International Olive Oil Competitions) where they regularly discard up to and over 50% of the entries as having defects… their definition of defects is judged on a more subjective basis and differ from one IOOC to another. This in our opinion is not a way to judge olive oil quality and award prizes.

In our opinion there is no way to fairly judge hundreds of olive oils by taste like most IOOCs in a very short period of 3 days. The strong taste (bitter and peppery) of high phenolic olive oil prevents the judges in reaching any kind of objective opinion. The strong taste overwhelms the taste receptors. Even mild olive oils tend to dull the taste receptors and the judges are left to judge olive oils by their aroma!

The Aristoleo Awards 2018 will continue our precedent setting way to judge the olive oil samples organoleptically and by NMR method as we receive them one by one and NOT all at once within a very short time frame.


ARISTOLEO AWARDS were the first competition in the world to judge olives based on their phenolic content. High phenolic olives health benefits are now recognised worldwide as an important dietary supplement. 

High phenolic table olives taking part in the ARISTOLEO AWARDS 2018 will be rated based on the phenolic analysis by NMR for levels of Hydroxytyrosol and Tyrosol. Producers can submit a sample and the NMR analysis certificate from Dr. Prokopios Magiatis’ Lab at the University of Athens.

Table Olive varieties will be identified and featured but the awards will be based solely on the phenolic concentrations of the combined total of hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol as outlined below:

0,50 -1,00mg per gram of olive (without pit) Bronze medal

1,00 – 1,50mg per gram of olive (without pit) Silver medal

1,50 – 2,00mg per gram of olive (without pit) Gold medal

2,00 – 2,50 mg per gram of olive (without pit) Double Gold medal


All varieties will be identified including blends and type of production – traditional, organic, wild, and agro-ecology. Aristoleo Awards 2018 will be awarded based on 5 categories of phenolic content (Triple Gold, Double Gold, Gold, Silver and Bronze).

Entry Fee: €250,00 

(Based on the NMR certificate of €100,00 and the
administration fee for the ARISTOLEO AWARDS 2018 of €150,00).


Before January 31, 2018

Just €199

Special discounts will apply for multiple entries.

Deadline for entries February 28, 2018

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If you already have the NMR certificate for your table olives from Dr. Magiatis’ lab at the University of Athens, you pay only the €150,00 entry fee.

If your olives are being used in research a special discount will apply.




Winners will be announced March 17, 2018 with the official presentations to be held at the 2nd Annual Aristoleo Conference “The Future of Olive Oil” April 27 and 28th at the University of Cyprus in Nicosia, Cyprus.


*NOTE: This testing by Aristometro™ and the AristoApp™ are in a beta phase under the EU funded 3-year, 5-country ARISTOIL Interreg MED program studying high phenolic olive oil and developing new methods of analysis. The NMR method of measurement will remain the official method for total phenolic content for the Aristoleo Awards 2018.

Registration Form

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