Since the start of the Aristoleo Awards in 2016 I saw it as a journey of discovery. Each year we have a different theme to explore the many aspects of olive oil one by one.

What we have discovered: the olive oil health benefits are derived from the concentration of phenolic compounds it contains and not the olive oil itself.

ARISTOLEO AWARDS 2023 continues to discover, award, recognize and promote the best High Phenolic EVOOs. Aristoleo Awards have come a long way since our first year in 2016, where we presented the Aristoleo Awards at the International Olympic Academy in Ancient Olympia.

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This is the moment Aristoleo Awards became the leading advocate for High Phenolic EVOO not only for their concentration of polyphenols but also for their exquisite taste. Combining the best of both worlds and offering consumers an easier way to choose the best olive oil for their health and gastronomic needs.

We created the world leading Aristoleo Cooler to monitor and maintain the freshness and concentration of polyphenols at the ideal temperature of 12-15°C. Just like Fine Red Wine.

ZOI Laconiko, OLIO NUOVO and the Laconiko Estate EVOO are the first Aristoleo certified high phenolic EVOOs in the USA.

The first Aristoleo Cooler was placed at the LACONIKO showroom in Manassas Virginia USA, and we look forward to expanding to our home country Canada! We are negotiating with retailers and importers to place the Aristoleo Cooler in South Korea, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

This year Laconiko High Phenolic EVOOs won 3 Gold Medals at the prestigious NYIOOC for their High Phenolic EVOOs. ZOI Laconiko, OLIO NUOVO, and their Laconiko Estate EVOO. These 3 High Phenolic EVOOs won Double Gold, Gold and Silver Aristoleo Awards 2023 earlier this year.

It has taken a lot longer than we ever expected but shifting the Olive Oil Industry away from Fraud and Deception into the Culture of Excellence is a Herculean task. We have undertaken this task with enthusiasm and determined, unwavering commitment to excellence. We have overcome Economic Crisis in Greece, Personal Tragedy, Resistance from entrenched-in-the-old-way government officials, and a Global Pandemic to bring the message of Aristoleo to the world.

High Phenolic EVOO is now firmly established element of the wellness movement and major component of the Mediterranean Diet for Health and Longevity. The top Chefs are using it for its complex aromas and robust taste, Athletes are using it to reduce inflammation, improve their performance by increasing stamina, seriously ill people are using it to reduce the side effects of prescription medications under doctors care, Scientists are examining the remarkable mono phenolic compounds such as Oleocanthal, Oleacein, Ligstroside Aglycon, and Oleuropean Aglycon in High Phenolic EVOO. Research scientists are standing at the edge of major discoveries creating new treatments for inflammatory diseases and cancers in combination with chemotherapy and other prescription medications.


Gold Badge Aristoleo Awards 2023


Phenolic Content: 800 – 1200 mg/kg
Variety: Koroneiki
Cultivation: Traditional
Country: Greece
Company: Laconiko


Gold Badge Aristoleo Awards 2023


Phenolic Content: 800 – 1200 mg/kg
Variety: Tsounati
Cultivation: Organic, Bio Dynamic
Country: Crete, Greece
Company: Silvergreen LP




Phenolic Content: 500 – 800 mg/kg
Variety: Koroneiki
Cultivation: Traditional
Country: Greece
Company: Laconiko



ARISTOLEO AWARDS is the first to give out awards for the 2022-23 harvest season.

This is our 4th monthly announcement for 2023

Next Aristoleo Awards 2023 announcement in APRIL

Aristoleo serves high phenolic producers interests and the buyer with transparency,

This is the reason we announce the results as we receive submissions.