Discover the taste of high phenolic for your health and for everyday use, special occasions and for their enhanced health protective and health promoting phenolic content.

The health benefits of olive oil are 99 percent related to the presence of the phenolic compounds, not the oil itself,” says Nasir Malik,

Aristoleo Agora Marketplace is where you will meet the producers dedicated to providing the highest phenolic content EVOO. They are the shining examples of this new category of EVOO;

Before you buy, contact the producer or distributor to make sure you have the most recent phenolic content certificate at time of bottling. You will find the producer contact information in the listing. Phenolic content will have minimal deterioration if the product is sealed, stored and distributed under proper conditions.

Please read our post to know how to care for your high phenolic olive oil to preserve its high quality once you get it home.

A Buyers Guide to High Phenolic Olive Oil

Tasted, Tested and True.

Contact the producers directly or let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to guide you to the best choice for your needs.

If you are a producer and interested to be included in the Aristoleo Agora Marketplace, see the listing benefits and send us a note and we will be happy to assess your EVOO for inclusion.

If you are a high phenolic EVOO producer who has tested their EVOO at the Dr. Prokopios Magiatis laboratory at the Univ of Athens using the NMR method, send us the certificate and your details and we will list your name, company and contact details on the 250+ Club. There is no cost for this listing

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