ARISTOIL: “Reinforcement of Mediterranean olive oil sector competitiveness through development and application of innovative production and quality control methodologies related to olive oil health protecting properties”


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Project Description:

The Mediterranean region is the main place around the world for production of olive oil. 95% of the world’s olive oil is produced in the Mediterranean and mainly in Greece, Peloponnese which produces 65% of Greek olive oil, Italian regions of Sicily, Calabria and Puglia and Andalusia in Spain, the biggest olive growing area on the planet. The main common challenge for all participating countries in the project is that the average price of olive oil is low in comparison to the production cost and moreover there is a strong competition with the non-Mediterranean seed oil sector. The producers in the Mediterranean are pressed either to reduce the cost of production or to increase the value or the demand for olive oil in the international market in order to maintain the viability and sustainability of the olive tree cultivation and the olive oil production. The main objective of ARISTOIL is the reinforcement of Mediterranean olive oil sector competitiveness through development and application of innovative production and quality control methodologies leading to olive oil with enhanced health protecting properties (as recognized by EU 432/2012 regulation). The development of a Mediterranean Cluster for olive oil producers and businesses combined with specialised training, development of innovative methods for identifying the phenolic ingredients of the oil as well as oil producers’ support by special product certification is the mixture which will lead to the project’s objective.

Expected results

  1. Boost of Production of innovative olive oil product:

A comparison of available analysis methods for olive oil ingredients and optimisation of most suitable methods will be completed throughout the project life. The optimisation of methods will accompanied by the development of a tool which can be used by the producers for fast oil analysis in the field in order to know if it is the right moment to collect the oil achieving the optimum of taste and phenolic ingredients. All relevant information will be simplified and provided to the producers through a user friendly Guide for production of olive oil.

  1. Training of 3000 olive oil producers and millers:

A total of 3000 olive oil producers and millers will be trained through the organisation of 72 training and seminars for olive oil producers and olive millers in throughout the project implementation. Trainings and seminars will be dedicated to inform producers and olive millers on innovative production methods and tools which are at their disposal.

  1. Increase knowledge for consumers:

Consumers should be informed on the health benefits of olive oil high in phenolic content according to EU 432/2012 regulation. A series of info days (44) organised in the participating countries are dedicated to enhance knowledge capacity of stakeholders and mainly consumers.

  1. Development of a standardised procedure for Olive oil “Health Claim” certification:

The increase of the Mediterranean olive oil sector competitiveness lies upon the construction of a “high quality” brand for olive oil produced in the Med area meeting minimum specific standards. The development of standardised procedures for certification and the creation of two certification centers in Spain and Greece covering the needs of all the Med area will ensure the final consumer on the product quality.

  1. Development of Mediterranean Olive Oil cluster:

A Mediterranean Cluster of olive oil sector key actors will be developed aiming to facilitate networking and cooperation across all Med area. An e-hub will support the communication and exchange of experience among the key actors. Information on new market opportunities, exhibitions, seminars, demand and other ideas will flow through this hub.

ARISTOIL Interreg MED Program Parners Split 2018

ARISTOIL Partners, Split, Croatia 2018

Project Partnership:

Lead Partner

EGTC Efxini Poli – SolidarCity NETWORK, Greece/ Attica

Project Partners

PP1. Euro Mediterranean Center for the Sustainable Development, Italy/Sicilia

PP2. National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece/ Attica

PP3. Larnaca-Famagusta District Development Agency, Cyprus

PP4. Aristoleo – Cyprus

PP5. University of Split- Croatia /Jadranska

PP6. University of Cordoba- Spain/ Andalusia

PP7. Free Municipal Consortium of Ragusa, Italy/ Sicilia

PP8. Region of Peloponnese, Greece/Peloponnese

PP9. Kostelenos George Nurseries, Greece/ Attica (Associate Partner)

PP10. Diputation de Malaga

PP11. Puglia Region, Italy/ Puglia (Associate Partner)

PP12. Institute for Andriatic Crops and Karst Reclamation, Croatia /Jadranska (Associate Partner)

PP13. Association of Olive Growers Vela Luka, Croatia /Jadranska (Associate Partner)

PP14. Carcabuey Health Ventures, Spain/Andalusia (Associate Partner)

PP15. Panhellenic Union of Olive Mills, Greece/ Central Macedonia (Associate Partner)

PP16. American Farm School Post-Secondary Educational and Training Association, Greece/ Central Macedonia (Associate Partner)

Administrative Data:

Duration: 01 – NOV -2016 to 31 – OCT- 2019

Programme priority axis:

Priority Axis 1: Promoting Mediterranean innovation capacities to develop smart and sustainable growth

Programme specific objective:

1.1 To increase transnational activity of innovative clusters and networks of key sectors of the MED area

Total Budget: 2,008,200.00 €

Total EU Funds: 1,706,970.00 €

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