Who Are We?

Sparked by the research of Drs. Prokopios Magiatis and Eleni Melliou we were inspired to get involved and moved to Greece to give all we could to the vision of finding the best olive oil in the world. We invested in the research of Magiatis and Melliou and the result was the invention of Aristoleo Test Kit the “lab in a vial”. We found a manufacturer in Cyprus and decided to move our headquarters to Nicosia.

Now, we serve an ever-growing group of like minded individuals, olive growers, mills and distributers who are dedicated to providing the most nutritional and health promoting olive oils and table olives. We stand by producers who know change only comes when we cooperate for the greater good.

We offer Aristoleo® Test Kit, the “lab in a vial”, so that producers can quickly and easily test their oils in the field to fine tune production and sort for best quality for best price.

With Aristoleo® Awards we use state of the art qNMR analysis (quantitative Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) and Food Allergen Laboratories for taste analysis to describe the unique characteristics and health attributes of the growing number of high phenolic extra virgin olive oils. Table olives are analyzed using qNMR method as well.

We work diligently to inform the growing health conscious market about the benefits and the availability of these superior high phenolic extra virgin olive oils. We guarantee these superior olive oils will delight the senses and revitalize your being.

Contact: athan@aristoleo.com

WhatsApp: +30 694 728-7828

High Phenolic EVOOs available in the USA. Maintained at a constant ideal temperature of 54 – 59°F or 12 – 15°C. Research has shown this is the best temperature range for preserving the phenolic compounds in olive oil. Order it from Laconiko.com

This is why we created the ARISTOLEO COOLER. Shown below at the Laconiko showroom in Manassas Virginia.

To protect the integrity of the high phenolic EVOO until it lands in out customers hands.

Aristoleo Cooler

Aristoleo Cooler at Laconiko showroom in Manassas, Virginia

LACONIKO high phenolic EVOOs are Certified and multiple award winners at NYIOOC and many other international competitions.

Visit their website for more details.