6th Annual ARISTOLEO

AWARDS 2021,


1st Year in North America!

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ARISTOLEO AWARDS 2021 “AGE OF TRANSPARENCY” Proudly hosted by Aristoleo North America (division of Artemis Alliance Inc.)

                   Aristoleo Awards is the only olive oil competition in the world that offers                                             organoleptic, and phenolic content reports.

Our global initiative to promote high phenolic olive oils and olives begins in Toronto Canada. We will travel to a different country each and every year.

We believe the whole world needs to experience the taste of high phenolic olive oils and olives. Now with guaranteed quality seal Aristoleo Data-Locked protocol and displayed in temp controlled Aristoleo Coolers. 

Excellence Deserves Protection

In this “Age of Transparency” Aristoleo is introducing an added feature – “end-to-end” solution for marketing and sales – the “Aristoleo Data-Locked” Protocol. The Aristoleo App is being developed with the assistance of the World Olive Center for Health (WOCH). This is a first step in developing a global certification program for high phenolic olive oils.

Aristoleo Data-Locked Protocol (ADLP)

Welcome! You have just entered the New Age of Transparency.
This new Age’s name is High Phenolic Olive Oil. 
High Phenolic is the name for the scientifically measurable quality based on the EU 432/2012 health claim regulation for polyphenols in olive oil. This regulation has changed the olive oil industry forever. New methods of measurement were developed and verified in Greece and Spain that could accurately measure every phenolic compound in olive oil.
Greek scientists initiated clinical trials to study the enhanced health effect of this early harvest olive oil made famous by Hippocrates the father of medicine. The initial results have astounded scientists worldwide. These phenolic compounds are more abundant in olive oil when made with green unripe olives from specific varieties just like Hippocrates and Dioscurides predicted. Scores of people suffering from serious illnesses are finding relief and many report “miraculous” healing experiences.
This Aristoleo Data-Locked Protocol was developed to answer the need for a guaranteed quality of olive oil to be available on a consistent basis. Phenolic compounds deteriorate after bottling much faster if the temperature is not maintained between 12.5 – 15°C. 
We have created the first end-to-end solution for monitoring and controlling the quality of the high phenolic olive oils. We did this because we have a responsibility to the thousands of buyers who depend on it for their health and sense of wellbeing.
The prices are very high as compared to other olive oils on the market today. To produce this type of olive oil you need to use 2-10 times more olives than normal olive oil. We are working hard within the EU to provide more support to this new olive oil sector for health in order to cut costs and lower prices. 
The ARISTOIL Interreg MED is 3 year 5 country programme to study all the variables from the olive tree to the bottle in the hands of the buyer. Harvesting methods, Mill settings, Storage conditions, Bottling, Transportation and Display and their effect on the concentration of phenolic compounds were studied. 
The Aristoleo Cooler for high phenolic olive oil is a direct result of the EU vision to support the production and marketing of high phenolic olive oil in order to increase the competitiveness of the MED region and raise the income of the olive growing communities. We have already seen a dramatic increase in agrotourism, investment and young people moving back to the villages to work in this sector. 
By purchasing certified olive oil you are not only investing in your health but also supporting the sustainability of the traditional olive growing communities. They are dedicating themselves to producing this truly “medicinal olive oil” as Hippocrates called it. We cannot make any claims yet for the healing power of this type of olive oil but we do not have to.
Our clients are presenting a growing mountain of anecdotal evidence.
Clinical Trials are revealing potential for a therapeutic effect of phenolic compounds for a variety of conditions. 

High phenolic olive oils are being used in clinical trials to alleviate symptoms, or to delay the need for treatment. We are aware from anecdotal evidence for many years now.

For example, we have received anecdotal evidence from people suffering from high cholesterol, arthritis, side effects of chemotherapy, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, skin cancer, and a number of other examples.
Recently the anecdotal evidence has been supported by the initial results of clinical trial σ conducted in Greece, USA, Spain and Cyprus.

Aristoleo Cooler at the World Olive Center Lab and Shop in Athens

Realizing that people are using these olive oils for their medical conditions makes it imperative that we ensure they are receiving the quality they are paying for. Once the high phenolic EVOO is properly bottled, temperature becomes the number one enemy.

The Aristoleo Data-Locked Security is designed to track and trace the origin and the journey of each awarded high phenolic EVOO. All the data will be securely stored in 3 separate and secure online databases and will also be backed up in 3 offline devices.

All the certified olive oils will only be displayed in specially branded Aristoleo Coolers or certified online shops. Temperature in the Cooler or the Storage Area will be monitored and temperature must be maintained between 12°C – 15°C.

All certificates of analysis will be readily available on a webpage and verified by 3 independent online and offline databases.

This ensures the data is transparent and secured. The participating olive oils will only be available and displayed in coolers set at 12° – 15° C. or in approved storage areas for online shops.

Each brand of High Phenolic EVOO will be randomly tested by qNMR before they are placed in the display cooler as well as after 6 months, and again after 12 months to ensure the quality is being maintained. Results will be accessible via QR code and uploaded to all 3 online databases ad 3 offline devices as a back up. The 3 online databases passwords will be managed by with 3 different entities. No one person or entity will have access to all 3 online databases. The 3 offline backup devices will be securely stored at 3 offsite facilities and each one will be accessible by one appointed manager. 

For more information on the Aristoleo certification advantages and pricing schedule please email for more information

Athan Gadanidis


Aristoleo Awards 2021 High Phenolic Olive Oil & Olives

“Age of Transparency”

Registration fee: €275.00

Fee includes 13 % HST Canadian VAT tax. You will be invoiced upon receipt of your registration.

LINK for registration: https://aristoleonorthamerica.com/pages/aristoleo-awards-2021-english

A discount is available if you combine it with the Aristoleo-Data-Locked certification see PAYPAL button below for final pricing.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil must contain a minimum of 250 mg/kg of total phenolic compounds to qualify for Aristoleo Awards 2021.

BRONZE – Everyday Health Award: 250mg – 499 per kg – Excellent everyday use olive oil. 40+gm per day
SILVER – High Health Award: 500 – 799 mg per kg – Daily Health shot 20-30gm per day
GOLD – Extra Health Award 800 -1199 mg per kg – Daily Gold health shot 10-20gm per day
DOUBLE GOLD – Exceptional Health Award 1200+ mg per kg – Daily Double Gold 5-10gm per day

Phenolic Profile:
All olive oil samples will be analyzed using the qNMR (quantitative Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) method developed by Dr. Magiatis and his team of researchers at the University of Athens.

Organoleptic Analysis:
All olive oil samples will be analyzed by the organoleptic panel at Food Allergens Lab. The organoleptic analysis will certify the olive oil samples are indeed in the extra virgin category, under IOC (International Olive Council) rules to qualify as extra virgin. Olive oil samples must be be free of any taste defects.

Olive Oil Samples:
The phenolic analysis of the olive oil samples will be conducted by qNMR as they are received and awards announced monthly on aristoleo.com, aristoleonorthamerica.com, social media and all other channels available to us.

We will send instructions where to send samples once we have received the registration and payment.

All entrants will receive both official qNMR and organoleptic certificates of analysis.
Once you have registered, you will receive a receipt from Aristoleo North America div of Artemis Alliance Inc.

Aristoleo High Phenolic TABLE OLIVES entry fee: €250.00

LINK for registration: https://aristoleonorthamerica.com/pages/aristoleo-awards-2021-english

A discount is available for bundling services see PAYPAL drop down menu or for more details contact: aristoleoawards@gmail.com
Olives must have a minimum of 0,50 mg of phenolic content per gram of olive (without pit) to qualify for an Aristoleo Award.

BRONZE Daily Health Award: 0,50 – 0,99
SILVER High Health Award: 1,00 – 1,49
GOLD Super Health Award 1,50+
DOUBLE GOLD Extreme Health Award 2,00+

Τable olives phenolic content does not change as rapidly as olive oil samples. Therefore, if you have a current analysis by NMR of your table olives we will deduct €100 from the entry fee upon
submission of the certificate of analysis from Prokopios Magiatis lab at the Univ of Athens.

All entrants will receive the official NMR certificate of analysis (see above for discount if you already have it).

Cost for entry: €250,00. the price includes 13 % HST Canadian VAT tax. You will be invoiced upon receipt of your application.


Aristoleo-App “Redesigning Trust” COST €600.00

A discount is available if you register for the Aristoleo Awards + the Aristo-App  = €750.00 see PAYPAL drop down menu in the LINK for registration below.

LINK for registration: https://aristoleonorthamerica.com/pages/aristoleo-awards-2021-english

For more information on the Aristoleo certification advantages and pricing schedule please email Athan for more information: aristoleoawards@gmail.com 

LINK for registration: https://aristoleonorthamerica.com/pages/aristoleo-awards-2021-english

Aristoleo Awards 2021 Infograph EN

Aristoleo Awards 2021 Infograph EN