High Phenolic Olive Oil

for Health & Wellness

Aristoleo Identifies
High Phenolic Olive Oil
for Health & Wellness

Since 2012 and the EU Health Claim for Olive Oil with Measured Polyphenol Content, Aristoleo has been Devoted to Advocacy, Testing, Research, and Marketing of High Phenolic EVOOs on Behalf of Health Aware Individuals

Ancient Wisdom
Modern Science

More than 2000 years ago, Hippocrates referred to early harvest olive oil from green unripe olives as “medicinal”.

Today, Nasir Malik of USDA says
“The health benefits of olive oil are 99% related to the presence of the phenolic compounds, not the oil itself.”

Aristoleo Awards

Introduced in 2016, Aristoleo Awards is the only International Competition exclusive to
High Phenolic EVOO and Table Olives.

Aristoleo Certified

Aristoleo recognizes the producers and facilities that maintain stringent practices in the production and preservation of High Phenolic EVOO.


Aristoleo+ is Certified High Phenolic EVOO in convenient on-the-go dropper bottles for daily supplement and microdosing.

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Health and Wellness is about making daily choices that support mental and physical vitality. We know you are choosing for yourself as well as your family and loved ones. Choose the calibre of High Phenolic EVOO that meets your health objectives. Subscribe to Aristoleo Health Tips!

What Does Aristoleo Stand For?

Aristo = Excellent Oleo = Oil
Beyond the literal translation, Aristoleo ensures the quality and calibre of high phenolic olive oil that has been a traditional medicine in the Mediterranean for centuries. Our standards of excellence are are high, and out tolerance for obfuscation of facts low. We tell it like it is.

Aristoleo supports independent High Phenolic olive growers in methods and marketing to Serve Global Customers

Aristoleo is a Trademark of
Artemis Alliance Inc.
a Canadian Corporation Since 2005

Our Team of Mavericks

Disruptive Innovation is rarely popular with the status quo. It takes a team of mavericks to share the vision and keep the faith, do the work … and have fun.

Athan Gadanidis
Athan GadanidisAdvocate and Adventurer
“Moral authority of High Phenolic EVOO” challenging the status quo to maintain transparency and integrity.
Marilyn Harding
Marilyn HardingVisionary and Voice
Keeping an eye on the horizon to make sure our tribe of High Phenolic Lifestylers get the quality they deserve.
Tina Rogers
Tina RogersChief Story Teller
Our business growth expert keeps our focus on bringing the dream into reality, setting the bar and keeping it high.


Aristoleo Awards

Since 2016, the Aristoleo Awards have celebrated excellence in the production of high phenolic olive oil and table olives. The awards are strict and are open to producers who want to be part of the Health and Wellness EVOlution.


Aristoleo Certified

Endorsing producers and facilities that commit to excellence and deliver the quality of High Phenolic EVOO health-aware individuals expect, deserve and are willing to pay for.

Aristoleo Serves Producers and Lifestylers

In a way, we ride two horses. We endorse best practices for producers as set out by the ARISTOIL Interreg MED program where Aristoleo was given the marketing mandate for this category of olive oil with a health claim. We hold the bar high.

On a personal level, we came to this, in the first place for our own health and wellness objectives and are personally committed to those seeking quality natural foods for health and wellbeing. We have witnessed many ‘miracles” and want to make sure you get what you expect and pay for.

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